Mr William Hauselberg's Article in Business

772 Safety Benefits of Lockout Tagout Kits
Workplace safety is one of the most important issues employers and employees deal with on a daily basis. In any work environment, there are potential safety hazards that must be addressed.
Posted on Nov-12-2013

889 Bottle Sealing Machines for Packaging Systems
When consumers purchase soft drinks, water, cleaning fluids and various other liquids it's important for them to know the bottles are sealed securely.
Posted on Nov-08-2013

679 Soil Liquefaction Hazard Mitigation
Soil liquefaction is a dangerous phenomenon that occurs when saturated, sandy soil loses its stability in response to sudden stress, such as an earthquake.
Posted on Nov-08-2013

608 Pennsylvania Business Technology News Update
The technology of today's world continues to bring about amazing and innovative changes in a variety of areas. One of the more interesting and fastest-growing areas of change has been the medical field.
Posted on Oct-09-2013

645 Business Process Modeling Skills and Application
In business, efficiency equals success. Saving time and money while increasing profits is the goal of any business, and to be at its best a business must analyze how it conducts its operations.
Posted on Oct-08-2013

1388 Respiration Masks: Types and Safety Procedures
Respiration masks are essential for health and safety in a variety of occupations and situations. The type of mask required depends on the type of hazardous materials one may come in contact with. The two main types of respirators include air-purifying and atmosphere-supplying respirators.
Posted on Oct-08-2013

635 Soil Improvement Methods for Safe Construction
As the earth’s population grows, more and more land is required for construction. Soil improvement methods are often used to make land usable that is unstable or otherwise unsuitable for construction.
Posted on Oct-08-2013

616 Overview of Landfill Leachate Containment Methods
Landfill leachate containment is a key component of landfill management. Leachate is created when rain, or moisture content in trash, absorbs contaminants from the solid waste it passes through.
Posted on Sep-19-2013

5250 Industrial Uses for Spray Paint & Safety Procedures
Spray paints used in industry have the advantage of being a fast, easy and efficient method of painting but can be very dangerous if safety precautions during painting are not taken.
Posted on Sep-12-2013

2973 What Is Business Process Modeling?
Business process modeling is something that any smart business owner or manager will at least have a basic concept of. With virtually all of today's markets more competitive than ever before, every smart organization is looking for ways that they can improve their overall efficiency and get ahead.
Posted on Sep-12-2013

676 Rotary Filler Machines for Food and Beverage Packaging
When it comes to food and beverage packaging, there are many different types of machines that are used in the process. However, one that has become very popular with a number of food manufacturers over the past several years is the rotary filler machine.
Posted on Aug-17-2013

591 Deep Soil Compaction for Ground Improvement
The soil beneath human feet is not generally expected to move but, occasionally it does. There are several reasons that the soil moves, from the enormous liquefaction capacity of an earthquake to the sudden displacement of soil over an air pocket that may exist in a construction zone.
Posted on Aug-12-2013

351 Green Technology in Pennsylvania
The sustainable and green energy sectors of the world’s economy are growing at a fast pace, as are the technologies that are associated with them.
Posted on Jul-10-2013

433 When to Contact Professionals for Dam Repair and Inspection
Dam owners have a responsibility to regularly inspect their dams to make sure that they are in good condition. If a dam does break, it can lead to a lot of damage. This damage can affect more than the dam owner’s property.
Posted on Jul-10-2013

427 Materials for Belleville Spring Washers
Belleville washers can be used in a variety of applications, from construction equipment to uses in the oil industry. The performance expected from spring washers requires them to have superior durability and tensile strength.
Posted on Jul-10-2013

840 Paid Employee Leave
Leave of absence allows workers to stop going to work for certain periods without losing their jobs. For instance, women are allowed to go on maternity leave during, before and after delivery.
Posted on Jul-05-2013

679 Functions and Benefits of Conical Springs
Most high school students are familiar with Hooke’s law regarding spring force and its application in real life. There are actually many situations in which springs are indispensable.
Posted on Jun-12-2013

476 HR Software to Help Small Businesses
Why does it always seem like when software companies introduce a program focusing on HR, the features they offer are often impractical to anyone but the largest of companies?
Posted on Jun-12-2013

487 The Role of Slurry Pipe Filling in Environmentally Friendly Construction
The question of how to address environmental issues during construction processes is a thorny one, and one not easily addressed by materials science.
Posted on Jun-08-2013

1060 HR Software to Help Small Businesses
Why does it always seem like when software companies introduce a program focusing on HR, the features they offer are often impractical to anyone but the largest of companies?
Posted on Jun-06-2013

1182 Skills You Learn in a Ship Fitter Certificate Program
One of the more interesting jobs in today's economy is that of ship fitter. For those skilled in mechanics and interested in ships, this may be a great career choice.
Posted on Jun-06-2013

506 Top 10 Belleville Spring Terms
The world of manufacturing and machinery can indeed be complex. From unique processes to specialty designs and applications, manufactured components are difficult to understand and work with.
Posted on May-20-2013

405 Uses for Slurry and Grout Pumping Equipment
Sometimes surfaces are unsuitable for construction because beneath the top layer, the soil or rock contains voids or porous matter. To stabilize these areas, contractors use grout pumps to fill the voids with soil grouting or rock grouting material.
Posted on May-20-2013

382 Software Solutions for the HR Department
Human Resources departments have more responsibilities than ever. Depending up on the size and makeup of the organization, HR departments can be responsible for employee screening and on-boarding, exit interviews and off-boarding, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, workflow, employee disputes, tax reporting or more.
Posted on May-11-2013

409 Business Gone Portable: The Rise of Mobile Payments Processing
Running a successful business involves investing in the right technology. Companies depend on solid technology to please clients, calculate payroll and manage financial matters.
Posted on May-04-2013