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1537 Balayage Highlights vs. Traditional Foil Highlights
People in the beauty industry are on intimate terms with the increasingly popular balayage highlighting technique in the market. From actresses to socialites, everyone has become smitten with this newest form of highlighting.
Posted on Aug-12-2013

628 An Introduction To Women's Golf Clothing
Women have a range of choices in golf clothing. While requirements used to be incredibly strict, now the clothing requirements for women playing golf vary, depending on the course.
Posted on Mar-13-2013

852 Spring 2013 Golf Fashion for Women
Are you a woman who loves to golf? Do you not only love a great game out on the green but love to look good while you make your hole-in-ones? Get impressive style and stay on top of your golfing game in 2013 by experimenting with some of the latest styles in golfing fashion.
Posted on Jan-03-2013

392 Sweaters for Work and Play Cardigans and More
As warm summer days become a distant memory, it’s time to stock up on sweaters. With so many styles, cuts, colors and fabrics to choose from, sweaters are perfect for both work and play during the chilly seasons.
Posted on Dec-05-2011

340 Mix and Match Wardrobe Essentials
We all have those moments when we stare helplessly into our closets and think, “I have nothing to wear.” Recycling the same outfits week to week can be frustrating, but constantly spending money on new clothes can get downright pricey.
Posted on Sep-02-2011

380 How to Create an Effortless Day to Night Look
When the work week is done and it's time to unwind, it's not always easy or ideal to run home on Friday evening for a wardrobe change before heading out for dinner or cocktails.
Posted on Sep-02-2011

437 Buy Designer Clothing whether you live in Milan or Minnesota
Whether you live in Milan or Minnesota, you can buy designer clothing whenever you want. Looking fashionable is the goal of many women.
Posted on May-18-2011

524 Pamper Yourself at a Spa in the Outer Banks
The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a great place for a relaxing vacation. The area a first-class tourist destination with a good variety in lodging options and attractions such as horse riding along the beach.
Posted on Jan-06-2011