Mr William Hauselberg's Article in Health and Fitness

745 What to Expect from a Brazilian Wax
A Brazilian wax is the process of removing any visible hair from the bikini area or other area of the body that contains hair, such as the underarms.
Posted on Nov-08-2013

700 Conditioning Treatments for Damaged Hair in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh weather can be cruel when it comes to keeping hair healthy. Winter, in particular, can leave hair dry, dull, and brittle if proper measures have not been taken to protect hair from the elements. Summer winds and sunshine can also leave their mark on hair, creating similar effects.
Posted on Oct-08-2013

1052 African American Hair Styling Tips
African Americans have hair that is much courser, curlier and harder to manage than other ethnic groups. African American hair does have its challenges, but learning to care for your hair’s texture will definitely make it easier to manage.
Posted on Sep-12-2013

530 Whey Isolate Protein Powder for Building Muscle
The food supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and it continues to grow. A quick trip to the local vitamin shop reveals row after row of dietary aids designed to improve everything from hair growth to athletic performance.
Posted on Aug-12-2013

468 Helping Addicted Teens in Pennsylvania
Admitting that one has a teen with a drug problem can be difficult. After parents make this crucial step, they can begin the healing process.
Posted on Mar-15-2013

492 Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal Treatment in Pennsylvania
It can be extremely difficult for people to stop drinking even if they want to because of withdrawal symptoms. The more a person has been drinking, the more severe the withdrawal symptoms in most cases; although, certain health conditions can make withdrawal symptoms worse as well.
Posted on Jan-07-2013

520 Identifying Alcoholism and Finding Treatment Options in Pennsylvania
Alcoholism is essentially defined as an addiction to alcohol, to the point where it disturbs the functioning of your life.
Posted on Dec-06-2012

440 The Importance of Health Care Information Systems Integration
Our health care system generates a huge amount of information. The ability to share that information quickly with other health care providers is vital.
Posted on Nov-15-2012

638 The CCD and Electronic Health Record Implementation
Healthcare records and documentation are an important part of the medical experience. Having appropriately updated medical records, which include such important details as your medical history
Posted on Oct-05-2012

440 Migrating To Health Level 7 Standards
A hospital, doctor’s office, or clinic will generate a great deal of data throughout the work day. Much of this data is stored and transmitted electronically through the use of specialized databases.
Posted on Sep-06-2012

414 Benefit of Ordering Custom Made Vitamin Supplements
Ordering custom made vitamin supplements has many advantages. We all know the importance of vitamins but when they are customized to the needs of an individual they offer numerous advantages.
Posted on Aug-06-2012

548 Staying in Manhattan when Receiving Outpatient Care at Presbyterian Hospital
Boutique hotels in New York City are a great place to stay while visiting the city for a night or two, but they also offer short term housing in midtown Manhattan New York City, giving patients the option to stay in both comfort and style during outpatient treatment care.
Posted on Jul-30-2012

559 How Vitamins and Pills are Produced
Many of us take medications or vitamin supplements in pill form without ever considering just how they are made.
Posted on Jul-04-2012

381 Can You Afford Hair Restoration Treatment?
Hair restoration treatment can be a permanent solution to hair loss problems, but the question lies in if you can afford the surgery.
Posted on Nov-24-2011

361 Gym Owners Market Your Own Private Label Supplements
Nutritional supplements enhance the benefits of exercise and help people achieve a lean body and the muscle mass they desire. In addition to optimizing one's workout routine, supplements also offer many health benefits.
Posted on Aug-18-2011

537 How to Choose a Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer
Finding a nutritional supplements manufacturer that you feel comfortable with can be hard. If you want to sell private-label supplements, your manufacturer is someone you're going to have to depend on closely.
Posted on Jun-17-2011

451 Should I Market My Own Line of Nutritional Supplements?
Many professionals in the health and fitness industry understand the importance of nutritional supplements. The right supplements can improve a person’s health and help them meet their fitness goals.
Posted on May-17-2011

756 North Carolinas Excellent Spas on the Outer Banks
North Carolina's spas on the barrier islands known as the Outer Banks take advantage of the beautiful beach and surroundings in order to be a backdrop for a relaxing spa treatment that can also say goodbye to stress. A spa's indulgences include massages, body wraps, facials, hydrotherapy, exfoliation, manicures, pedicures, and much more.
Posted on Aug-20-2010

17071 Fresh Meat and Cheese Available at Columbus Ohio's Delis
Fresh meat and cheese at delis in Columbus Ohio offers an alternative to the run of the mill packaged goods at local retailers. While the trend in America tends to be quick and easy, wrapping and all, ordering these same products at a deli can be just as simple.
Posted on May-28-2010

493 Botox and the Fraxel Treatment Make Good Partners in Columbus
Many people are choosing to have both Botox injections and Fraxel laser treatment. The Botox shots help reduce frown lines, the deep lines to the side of the eyes, and the forehead.
Posted on May-27-2010

519 Comparing Face Lift and Non-Surgical Face Lifts in Cleveland Ohio
Sometimes you just don't look quite the way you want to. There are some other positive options that include surgical and non-surgical options.
Posted on May-27-2010

497 Important Things to Know About Tummy Tucks in Pittsburgh, PA
If you are thinking about having the procedure known as tummy tuck surgery, you might consider making an appointment in Pittsburgh, PA.
Posted on Apr-21-2010

336 Velashape and Velasmooth Treatments for a Better Looking You
With the skinny look in fashion, there is a surge of several invasive and non-invasive procedures to get rid of the cellulite.
Posted on Apr-21-2010

369 Things to Consider when getting Liposuction in Pittsburgh
Sometimes eating right and keeping with a proper exercise program still will not help you trim your midsection. Those hard to lose love handles, meaty hips, and swinging upper arms are sometimes impossible to get rid of, no matter what you try to do.
Posted on Mar-22-2010

362 Liposuction and Breast Augmentation Options in Columbus, Ohio
Plastic surgery of any kind is a very important decision in a person's life and deciding where to get this work done is very important. There are quality places in Columbus, Ohio to have any procedure done.
Posted on Mar-22-2010