Mr William Hauselberg's Article in Home Improvement

576 How to Implement a Kitchen Remodeling Project
Staring at old linoleum tile on the floor and dated appliances would inspire anyone to think about refurbishing the kitchen.
Posted on Jul-10-2013

980 Summertime Home Improvement
Summer is the perfect time to dive into many home remodeling projects. Whether you are interested in doing the projects yourself or hiring a professional, the warmer weather of summer and extended daylight hours make it easier to get these jobs done.
Posted on Jun-06-2013

589 7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Blog
Bumping your blog traffic numbers up to the level you'd like to see them at is an ongoing process that won't be accomplished overnight.
Posted on May-04-2013

424 Wood vs. Vinyl Windows: Window Material Comparison
When a person is looking for windows for a new property or a better option to replace their current windows, there are several things that they need to keep in mind.
Posted on Apr-03-2013

409 Pittsburgh Home Remodeling Techniques
Remodeling is a task that is often performed by homeowners who want to make a change or some sort of an update to their home. There are many ways that a Pittsburgh homeowner can remodel a house.
Posted on Feb-04-2013

412 Tips for Remodeling Your Home in Pittsburgh
The process of remodeling a home may be stressful to some people; however, it is possible to reduce the number of issues and roadblocks.
Posted on Nov-06-2012

390 Tankless Hot Water Heaters and Energy-Efficient Water Heaters
In the average household, approximately 20 percent of energy costs are directly associated with producing hot water. If you're using an older water heater, that’s probably the case in your home.
Posted on Nov-01-2012

443 Upgrading Your Windows in Pittsburgh
Technology has improved countless things in our lives. We enjoy cars that are more efficient, and appliances have come a long way in efficiency and style. Windows have also improved drastically over the decades. If the windows in your home were installed more than 20 years ago, then it might be time to invest in a window upgrade.
Posted on Sep-06-2012

271 Air Compressor Maintenance 2 things you should know
Air compressors are some of the most important machines in the entire world. These helpful devices take electrical power and convert it into kinetic energy with the use of pressurized air.
Posted on Nov-02-2011

400 Get Warm and Save Money with One Piece PJs from Forever Lazy
While snowmen may relish the bone tingling chill that is sure to accompany the onset of winter, most of us would prefer to be cozy and warm.
Posted on Dec-10-2010

457 Forever Lazy The Versatile Way to Stay Warm
If you asked any average person on the street whether or not they enjoy cold weather, chances are the answer would be negative.
Posted on Dec-10-2010