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314 Types of Business Entities That Can be Formed in California
California is a great place to do business. The state has a strong and diverse economy. Hundreds of new businesses are formed in California each day, including many California limited liability partnerships.
Posted on Nov-02-2011

313 Avis Discount Codes Offered to Business Buying Networks
Businesses pay too much money for a lot of things. They often pay too much for insurance, for heating and cooling costs, and for car rentals.
Posted on Oct-07-2011

322 How to Choose a Soil Expert Witness
If you are in a lawsuit over soil contamination, there is not much use to go to court unless you have a soil expert witness. There are different types of ground experts. Many can test soil for contamination.
Posted on Jul-15-2011

423 LA Construction Companies Use a Headhunting Firm When Hiring Executives
If your Los Angeles-based construction company is in need of executive management, consider utilizing the services offered by a construction job search firm.
Posted on Jul-07-2011

524 How to Build a Concrete Block Retaining Wall
The best reason to use high-quality concrete blocks for retaining walls is their strength and stability. But, to be sure your wall remains standing for a long time, you'll also have to create a stable wall foundation and use a sound method of laying Concrete blocks for retaining walls.
Posted on Mar-16-2011

1161 When Are French Drains Necessary
French drain construction consists of a slightly sloped trench filled with round gravel and perforated pipe. A 4 inch plastic pipe is used in French drain construction which has taken the place of clay.
Posted on Mar-15-2011

387 How Price Guns Can Make your Business More Efficient
For retail businesses out there, plenty of ideas exist on how to become more efficient. There are methods for improving your business's productivity and most of them focus on taking the easy jobs out of human hands.
Posted on Feb-11-2011