Mr William Hauselberg's Article in Travel Tips

309 Where to Stay When Touring Emory University in Atlanta
Take advantage of hotel rooms near Emory University to get the most out of your college tour. Stay less than a mile from the university, or drive 15 minutes to downtown Atlanta.
Posted on Dec-21-2011

236 Looking for Hotels During the Miami Dade County Fair?
Miami is a pleasure-seekers paradise. Whether you’re looking for social interaction, natural beauty, the best food in the Southeast, or adventure and relaxation you will find it in Miami.
Posted on Dec-20-2011

253 Planning a Baby Shower In Pittsburgh
If you are in the process of planning a baby shower, Pittsburgh offers an ideal locale for your event. With a variety of venues, loads of historical locations, great food and access to party planners, Pittsburgh can make a baby shower an unforgettable social event.
Posted on Dec-14-2011

231 See NYC and Stay in Luxury
New York City is a city that needs no introduction. Filled with history, culture and relentless cosmopolitan flair, New York City has captured the minds of millions of people across the world and is visited by many of them every year.
Posted on Nov-24-2011

287 Stay in Luxury While in Atlanta
Atlanta vacations sizzle. Visitors relish in the posh atmosphere of sophisticated Atlanta. Those seeking to stay and play in style head straight to one of many Buckhead luxury hotels.
Posted on Nov-22-2011

224 Book A Hotel Near Duquesne University
Parents, students and alumni visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Duquesne University throughout the year to attend athletic events, academic conferences, prospective-student tours, family visits, and events held on campus.
Posted on Nov-22-2011

211 What to do in Atlanta Before You Catch a GSU Game
Atlanta is home to some of the most exciting sporting events in the South, and includes games at GSU and concerts at the Philips Arena.
Posted on Nov-07-2011

245 Tips for Saving Money as you Plan a Trip to Austin Texas
Austin, Texas is an exciting vacation destination for travelers of all ages. Known as the capital city of Texas, this remarkably lively city is also recognized for its thriving music scene and its excellent barbecue.
Posted on Nov-03-2011

295 How to Plan an Affordable Destination Wedding to the Outer Banks
Planning a wedding is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Many brides dream of destination beach weddings and certainly, a beach wedding at the Outer Banks of North Carolina would be wonderful and beautiful.
Posted on Nov-02-2011

210 Visiting New York City Boutique Hotels vs Big Box Hotels
While visiting the city that never sleeps, one must, eventually, sleep. The question of where to find suitable New York lodging can be easily be narrowed, by considering one important factor:
Posted on Sep-19-2011

400 Hold Your Next Corporate Meeting in Atlanta
When planning your next corporate meeting, choose a location that can accommodate your company and offer you and your employees a variety of things to do to make the most of their experience.
Posted on Sep-01-2011

349 Green Travel Tips Miami Florida
When searching for green hotels, Miami offers environmentally responsible lodging for guests who are concerned about our environment.
Posted on Aug-18-2011

532 Traveling to Pittsburgh to See the Penguins Play Hockey
Pittsburgh is known as one of the best sports cities in the United States. From football to baseball to hockey, Pittsburgh fans are passionate about their teams.
Posted on Jul-12-2011

501 Visiting Austin? Stay in Style
Business trips can be a stressful experience for today's professionals. From days packed with conference calls to meetings to time on the road itself, traveling for business can leave you worn down and exhausted, and therefore less productive.
Posted on Jul-11-2011

414 Visiting Austin for a Convention? Make a Vacation Out of It
If you are planning an upcoming trip to Austin, Texas for a convention, why not stay a few days and make a vacation out of it? Austin is a city known for its history, diversity, culture and music scene.
Posted on Jul-11-2011

647 Plan Your Next Company Meeting in Atlanta Georgia
When planning your next company meeting, consider Atlanta, Georgia. Not only is Atlanta one of the best cities for business and careers in the United States, but it is a location that you, and your meeting's attendees will enjoy.
Posted on Jul-11-2011

579 Plan Your Next Family Reunion in Miami
When planning your next family reunion, there’s no better place for fun in the sun and activities the whole family can enjoy.
Posted on Jul-11-2011

385 Visiting Biscayne National Park in Southern Florida
Located in South Florida, Biscayne Bay is a 200,000 underwater park. Fresh water flows from the mainland and mixes with the ocean's salt water, creating a unique breeding ground that is home to numerous plants and animals.
Posted on Jun-24-2011

325 Traveling To Atlanta To See The Falcons Play Football
Atlanta is a fantastic city. Traveling there to see the Atlanta Falcons play an NFL game can be a great experience. If you plan your trip right you can also get the chance to explore one of the South's most magnificent cities.
Posted on Jun-20-2011

835 Make A Vacation out of Seeing the Miami Dolphins Play Football
People who want to travel to Miami to see the Miami Dolphins play at Sun Life Stadium will find plenty of things to do in the Miami area. The city has numerous hotels and motels. Travelers will be able to find plenty of accommodations near Sun Life Stadium.
Posted on May-16-2011

177 Hertz Discount Code Saves Up to 20% on Car Rentals
Make the most of your rental car experience with Hertz. Hertz is one of the top names in the rental car business, so you can rely on them for all your rental car needs: from convertibles for nights on the town to SUVs for days on the mountain, Hertz has what you're looking for.
Posted on May-16-2011

315 Make Time for the Spa when Traveling to the Outer Banks
The Outer Banks, North Carolina is a popular destination spot for many vacationers from around the globe. This 200 mile long coast beach is known for its many activities, culture, history and resorts and spas.
Posted on Apr-21-2011

352 Choose A Boutique Hotel When Staying in Manhattan
Many travelers are finding themselves weary of the hotel experience. Staying at a chain hotel may be economical, but chains only provide a standardized, one-size-fits-all experience. They are designed to accommodate as many nightly guests as possible, which means that the chain hotel’s staff is trying to cater to the needs of hundreds, if not thousands, of guests.
Posted on Apr-18-2011

277 Staying in the Art Deco District in Miami
The famous Art Deco District runs along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, facing the Atlantic Ocean from about 15th to 5th Street. The entire district is in the National Register of Historic Places, built between the 1920s and 1943.
Posted on Apr-15-2011

503 Budget Rent A Car Discounts and Business Buying Networks
The bottom line is the most important part of doing business today. Sure, you want to provide great customer service and you want to offer the best products and services in the marketplace, but if the cost of business is too high, your business will fail.
Posted on Mar-28-2011