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31 What does a Structural Engineer Provide for a Custom Home?
Building a custom home is not as easy as preparing a floor plan and hiring a construction team. Structural engineers, designers, Architects, contractors and more are vital to design a proper plan and begin the construction process.
Posted on Jan-11-2019

38 How to Sell Your Home with an Unapproved Structure
Unapproved structures are the real problem for homeowners these days, especially when it comes to listing their property for sale.
Posted on Jan-11-2019

45 Roles and Responsibilities of Structural Engineers
The role of the structural engineer is a key component in the construction process The roles and responsibilities of the structural engineers in Kwinana is of greater importance, not least a duty to ensure the safety and durability of the project on which they are working.
Posted on Jan-09-2019

44 Why Do You Need a Structural Engineer For Building a Home?
If you are building a home or involved in any other construction project, you may have heard the term Structural Engineer! Well, what do they do? The easiest way to explain is - if a building was a human being, then a structural engineer designs the skeleton.
Posted on Nov-28-2018

46 What Should You Consider Before Remodelling Your House?
Whether your house is in desperate need of remodelling, or you want to start all over with new decors, there are several things to consider during the renovation process.
Posted on Nov-27-2018

83 Importance of Structural Engineers
While speaking about construction, structural engineering comes to mind. As it deals directly with structural integrity and strength of a building or the structure, it is a fundamental discipline in the construction of buildings.
Posted on Jul-18-2018

103 Reasons to Hire a Structural Engineer for Foundation Inspection
A structural engineer is a licensed professional who has the knowledge to analyse the various factors that exert forces such as temperature, pressure, wind and gravity upon a building and to make sure whether the structure can hold up and resist those factors.
Posted on Jul-11-2018

1289 Things to Consider While Hiring a Structural Engineer
A structural engineer is a professional who analyses and designs various Dynamic and Static structures such as buildings, tunnels, aircraft, bridges, and satellites at the most extreme.
Posted on Apr-19-2018

144 Know the Actions to be taken by a Structural Engineer for a More Sustainable Design
Did you know if everyone around the globe consumed as many natural resources as the average western European, the equivalent of three planets would be required to support the demand?
Posted on Apr-17-2018

209 The Essential Qualities of a Structural Engineer
NRM Consultants provides Structural engineering in Mandurah WA for both Local, State and National clientele.
Posted on Feb-12-2018