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33 What defines a suitable Porcelain Benchtop in Sydney
There are a few perspectives to assess when looking for Porcelain Slabs in Sydney. Firstly there is the overall design and colour of the piece. Secondly, there is the genuine quality of the porcelain itself, both cosmetic and structural.
Posted on Jan-17-2020

28 Keep your kitchen cool and white with our Super White Dolomite
White is pure, it is calm, it is strong, it is versatile and flexible. White is the colour of snow, of new beginnings of the upcoming festival season. With the advent of these hot breezes let’s welcome some cool inviting colours to our kitchen.
Posted on Dec-03-2019

30 How to Install Porcelain Benchtop
Designers have in the past been faced with a dilemma whether to compromise on form or compromise on function. Now they can have both with arrival of porcelain slabs in Sydney.
Posted on Dec-02-2019

48 2019 Trending Marble Slabs in Sydney
Marble Slabs available in Sydney can add elegance and wow-factor to your kitchens, bathrooms and even dining and living rooms, if you know how to use it
Posted on Dec-02-2019

36 Upcoming Porcelain slab in Sydney which would change the market trends
An engineered product, porcelain slab, which can show limitless variations. In the past, wood like appearance was the most in demand when it came to imitating patterns on tiles, while today you can choose from timber, marble, concrete, brick, metal, stone and many more.
Posted on Nov-06-2019

68 Super White Dolomite – Monochrome or Monotonous?
Can a white n black kitchen be boring ever? We believe, this monochrome colour scheme never fails to impress!
Posted on Oct-25-2019

51 An Architect's Favourite Material- Natural Stone Slabs
Natural materials despite their similarities in nature, are capable of infinite architectural diversity in the hands of different individuals.
Posted on Oct-23-2019

48 How to Select your Super White Dolomite Stone for Benchtops
Recently becoming the most sought after – Super White Dolomite makes a bold statement, unlike the regular white and greys. So, lets’ start with the most common dilemma people have..
Posted on Sep-09-2019

57 Trend Alert! - Porcelain Slabs in Sydney - The Dream Benchtop Material!
You have got your heart set on real marble or a marble look-like, but don’t have the budget, don’t worry Avant Stone brings you Porcelain slabs in Sydney now.
Posted on Sep-06-2019

74 Using Natural Stone as your Kitchen Benchtop?
How to select your natural stone depends on the colour scheme, ambiance, and maintenance you are willing to do for your slab. No matter how durable and hard the natural stones are they are porous in nature hence require regular sealing and cleaning to keep your surfaces looking the best!
Posted on Jul-27-2019

109 Aren’t all the Calacatta Marble Slabs the same?
Calacatta marble is a most sought after natural stone creating a lavish atmosphere in the most exclusive of spaces. Calacatta marble slab is often white background with various patterns of grey to golden veining, characteristic many homeowners and professionals associate with luxury
Posted on Jul-27-2019

127 5 Facts about Marble That Will Surprise You
Marble has historically been the leading stone when it comes to durability and beauty. Recently however, marble has been getting a bad rap. The rise in other more durable stones such as quartzite’s, dolomites and granites with similar features of beauty have pushed marble to the bottom of the pecking order.
Posted on Feb-12-2019

146 Unique Features of Marble, Granite & Quartzite Slabs
At Avant stone, we like to stay at the forefront of trends and styles. One trend that is becoming more and more popular is the textured finish, especially for harder wearing materials such as Quartzites and Granites.
Posted on Jan-30-2019

273 Salient Features of Quartzites Slabs
Quartzite is a naturally forming stone. Originally sandstone it is converted through heating and pressure within tectonic plate movements creating an almost glass look when polished.
Posted on Nov-12-2018

283 Marble Care, tips from Sydney’s Marble Slab Experts
Congratulations! You’ve purchased a beautiful marble slab for your benchtop or splashback, now for the most important part… keeping your natural piece of art looking as good as the day you bought it.
Posted on Sep-07-2018

187 Sydney Homeowners Look to Differentiate their Home in a Cooling Market with Marble Benchtops
As the Sydney market starts to cool, homeowners looking to sell their property are utilising marble slabs in their kitchens as a point of differentiation.
Posted on Aug-13-2018