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48 Quartz v/s Quartzite slabs in Sydney
One of the biggest differences between quartzite slab and quartz slab is that quartzite is a naturally occurring sandstone but undergoes intense heat and pressure to form the slab while quartz is an engineered stone slab formed by crushing rocks that are then bound together with resins
Posted on Dec-02-2019

79 Things to know for buying a superior quality Granite Slab in Sydney
If you want your kitchen to have all the bells and whistles, granite is the best option for you.
Posted on Jul-10-2019

60 How to select a Marble Slab kitchen benchtop
We at Avant stone understand, kitchen is not just another space in the house anymore, but a social hub where families spend most of their time not just cooking but making memories.
Posted on Jul-09-2019

126 Marble Benchtops – A Beautiful Addition to Your Kitchen
So you are planning to revamp your kitchen. Probably you’ll be looking for the best benchtops for your kitchen.
Posted on Jun-14-2019

90 Living with Marble Slabs in your kitchen
One of the challenges we face as a marble slab supplier in Sydney is educating people about how to use marble and clearing up some misconceptions on the material.
Posted on Apr-30-2019

81 The History of Carrara and Calacatta Marble
Before you go and look for that perfect slab of carrara or Calacatta in Sydney, you should know the history and tradition that surrounds this material.
Posted on Apr-23-2019

168 The Best and Most Unique Natural Stone Slabs in Sydney
What does that mean however? How are Avant Stone’s slabs any different from the rest?
Posted on Mar-14-2019

185 Natural Stone – More than just the kitchen
Heard it here first, feature walls are coming back and there’s no surprise why. Natural stone offers durability for indoor and outdoor use along with an unmatched natural look.
Posted on Mar-14-2019