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93 Advance Your Locum Medical Jobs Australia to the Next Level with Emergency Medicine Career
All across Australia there are opportunities for permanent and locum doctor jobs to take up work in emergency medicine. A career in locum medical jobs Australia, is more than just a job!
Posted on Mar-05-2019

148 Why Australia Has a Critical Shortage of General Practitioners
General practice is pivotal to the success of primary health care in Australia. According to RACGP’s recent benchmark report, almost 80% of people were identified having regular appointments with GP
Posted on Jan-16-2019

177 Insights on Locum Paediatrics in Northern New South Wales
The world is awash with opportunities for highly skilled medical practitioners. So why not choose Australia over the many other options you have?
Posted on Nov-29-2018

222 Want To Expand Your Medical Career? Take Up an Emergency Medical Job in Australia
Job prospects in health career are set to grow faster than any other industry, with the promise of job security and rewarding salaries. Yes, the medical workforce in Australia is undergoing substantial changes.
Posted on Nov-22-2018

119 What Is Contributing to the Shortage of General Practitioners in Australia?
In 2003, there were only 2.6 doctors for every 1,000 people in Australia, but now there are 3.5 practising doctors for every 1,000 people. In spite of everything, why is there a need to import professionals for medical jobs in Australia from the overseas?
Posted on Oct-08-2018

192 Achieve a Perfect Work-Life Balance with Medical Jobs in Australia
Here at Ochre Recruitment, we know that our doctors, whether they are working permanent medical jobs or locum medical jobs, are very busy, and that balancing professional and personal commitments can be difficult and sometimes stressful!
Posted on Sep-10-2018

146 What is Ochre's "Health Outcomes Program" All About?
Your decision to take up any locum GP jobs in Australia might be the best decision. However you must know about the chronic diseases that are prevalent in Australia.
Posted on Sep-06-2018

270 Doctor's Health & Wellbeing
Doctors know very well that there are particular challenges and stresses unique to the business of keeping humans healthy. The Australasian Doctors’ Health Network, a website that caters specifically for the health needs of medical professionals and students, reports doctors regularly encounter stress factors.
Posted on Aug-28-2018

272 Drive for Innovation in GP Consultations!
One of the most exciting aspects of working in the healthcare and medical industry is that the technological advancement, research and innovation throughout the sector often produce exceptional products that positively impact the society.
Posted on Aug-21-2018

275 Take on a Career in Emergency Medicine Career in Warm, Sunny WA
All across Australia there are opportunities for locum and permanent doctors to take up work in emergency medicine. The emergency department (ED) forms the hub of the typical Australian hospital, and they usually have a lively, fast-paced, and exciting working atmosphere, where highly trained doctors and nurses work together to provide excellent patient care.
Posted on Jun-09-2018

209 Why Does Australia have an Overwhelming Reserve of Doctors, Yet a Shortage of General Practitioners?
General practice has always been a vital element of Australia’s healthcare system. Nearly all Australians will make an appointment with a general practitioner once during any given year.
Posted on Jun-04-2018

203 Tips to Find Best Paediatrics in Northern New South Wales
Here in Australia, there are plenty of fantastic job opportunities for locum paediatric doctors in both regional and urban areas, and Ochre Recruitment can help you find the perfect placement, and ensure a positive, fulfilling locum experience.
Posted on May-30-2018

212 Expert Surgical Care in Regional Australia
Across Australia, Ochre Recruitment has fostered an excellent network of trusted contacts and connections with urban and rural, public and private hospitals, meaning that we have one of the largest selections of locum medical jobs available in Australia.
Posted on May-30-2018