Sam An's Article in Interior Design

69 Tips to Keep Your Painted Walls Look Fresh
You regularly clean your floors, furniture, and rooms, so why aren’t you cleaning the walls? In fact, cleaning the walls should be part of your house maintenance tasks.
Posted on Apr-16-2019

104 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint
Many homeowners often overlook their home’s exterior, especially the paint. People think a lot about interior home improvements and give less importance to the homes’ exterior.
Posted on Dec-04-2018

102 Spectacular Exterior Paint Colour Ideas for Brick Homes
Are you looking for design inspiration for your brick exterior? Bricks come in a wide range of colours, and it looks amazing when left in its natural tone. However, if you have a brick house, it doesn’t mean that you have to just stick with the same colour.
Posted on Nov-25-2018

123 A Guide to Prioritise Rooms for Painting!
When painting the interior of your home, it is vital to have a plan before you start.
Posted on Oct-30-2018