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62 What is a Living Will and Why is it Important?
A "Living Will" is a document that allows us to set forth our health care wishes. In a comprehensive estate plan, it’s ideally located within our "Advance Health Care Directive". The terms are often used interchangeably, along with "Power of Attorney for Health Care", but the bottom line is this: if it’s important to you that your health care wishes be known and that someone you trust have the authority to advocate for you in the event you lack capacity to do so yourself...
Posted on Aug-06-2019

67 Avoid These 5 Common Estate Planning Mistakes
A small mistake in an estate plan can lead to gigantic consequences after your death.
Posted on Jul-18-2019

123 Why do You Need an Estate Planning Attorney in Carlsbad CA
Death is one of the uncertainties in our life and can come at any time following a debilitating illness or without warning.
Posted on May-22-2019