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82 Never Ignore These Door Lock Problems
Many homeowners pay little attention to door locks until something goes wrong with it.
Posted on Dec-11-2019

60 What Should I do if I Lost My Car Key and Have no Replacement?
Anyone who has lost their car keys can tell you how annoying and awful it was to be left stranded in a parking lot.
Posted on Dec-09-2019

86 What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Bathroom Door Lock?
For people living alone, putting a lock on the bathroom door may be unnecessary.
Posted on Jul-19-2019

83 Which is the Best Lock for My Home?
According to the Department of Justice’s Household Burglary report, forcible entries were the methods used for about 52% of house break-ins.
Posted on Jul-15-2019

118 Best Tips to Prevent Being Locked Out of Your House
We all have been in the situation – locking ourselves out of our house. It’s never a pleasant situation.
Posted on May-03-2019

222 4 Practical Ways Keep Your Home Secure While on Vacation
Vacations are fun, especially the no-work-and-all-play part. However, enjoying a vacation then coming back to an empty house that’s been burgled can be pretty scary.
Posted on Jan-31-2019

150 5 Situations that Call for the Service of a Locksmith
It does not matter how careful or meticulous you are in handling your keys — there will be times when you get locked out or lose your keys.
Posted on Jan-22-2019

332 What You Can Expect From The Locksmith In Wentzville Mo?
Everyone wants to sleep tight at night. Knowing that your home is secured will give you a peace of mind and you can have a sound sleep without worrying about safety.
Posted on Oct-31-2018

230 When Should a Business Rekey Their Locks?
One of the most frequently asked questions by many business owners – when should a business rekey their locks?
Posted on Sep-20-2018

312 Tips to Choose the Right locksmith For the Best Service
Picking the locksmith in Troy MO is not that easy, it’s essential to check whether they are trustworthy one or not. The most significant part of identifying the best locksmith company is to check their history.
Posted on Aug-27-2018

313 Tips To Choose a Professional Auto Locksmith
What can be more annoying than waiting outside your car for hours? Every driver’s nightmare is to find himself locked out! Even if you want to unlock car’s door fast, you probably don’t want to deteriorate your car’s door.
Posted on Aug-13-2018

237 Lost your key? Should you Replace or Rekey Locks?
I lost my house keys! Should I change my locks? This might be your question if you have lost your house key. In fact, losing your house key can be difficult but it does not mean that the fallout is impossible to handle. Well, there are a couple of scenarios that every homeowner will have to take into consideration.
Posted on Aug-01-2018