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642 Various Businesses Have The Potential Of Growth By Issuing The Loyalty And Membership Cards
The next time one goes for flying in the kingfisher airlines, they can make sure to get a discount on the flykingfisher cards. Or even when filling up the car with the Indian oil or bharat petroleum fuels, bonus points can be accumulated to avail a large deduction in the expenditure at a later date. Reliance retail is one of the largest chains of loyalty card issuers through its purchase of reliance retail shops.
Posted on Apr-12-2011

427 Loyalty Cards Give A Two Part Tariff For The Card Issuers As Well As Benefit To The Consumers
While shopping in the malls, the customers can be seen carrying a colorful card with inscriptions. These are then offered during the buying of a product, at the counter. These are not credit cards or debit cards but such strips of paper or plastic cards that are well known in business circles as loyalty cards, reward cards, points cards, or club cards. Such cards are an integral part of the loyalty business model.
Posted on Apr-12-2011