Preeti Singh's Article in Food and Beverage

488 Taking A Fresh View Of Eating Out And Partying Courtesy The Classified Ads
Very few people might be aware of the restaurant that they would celebrate their birthdays in a few days time. Scouting for a suitable place for the engagement ceremony of the son or daughter is a big responsibility.
Posted on Jan-24-2012

326 Plunge Your Tastebuds With Appetizers From Italian Restaurants In Mumbai, Delhi And Bangalore
Known to be one of the most popular in the world, Italian cuisine is famous for its regional diversity, abundance of difference in tastes and flavor. The main characteristic feature of Italian food is its extreme simplicity, with most dishes having remarkably few ingredients.
Posted on Dec-01-2011

285 Exploring Chinese Restaurants In Kolkata, Bangalore And Chennai With Chopsticks And An Appetite
Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques have been masterfully developed to suit Indian tastes and is said to have developed by the Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. Chinese food in India is usually flavored with spices like cumin, coriander and turmeric which are traditionally not associated with Chinese cuisine.
Posted on Dec-01-2011

320 Queen of Best Flavors: Chinese Restaurants In India!
Chinese, only cuisine popular among all age groups no matter what part of the world they belong to. Everyone is a lover of Chinese! Its saucy, cheesy flavor takes over everybody’s mind! They are then no ruled by their mind, the taste of Chinese rules them! India, a country of flavors and Chinese restaurants is one of the most famous feeding haunts.
Posted on Dec-01-2011

286 Rising Fame of Multi Cuisine Restaurants, Fast Food Joints and Pizza Outlets in India – A few Reasons
Every corner of the cities that you visit, the most common thing that would catch your attention is a name of an outlet which you watch every day in television. It might be one of those McDonalds or KFCs or Monginis, and the likes.
Posted on Oct-20-2011

231 How Food Guide and Cook Books Ideate the Cuisine while Kitchen Cabinets Prepare the Mood
Many would agree that the act of cooking is almost like an art where the right mix of ingredients gives creation to the lip smacking delicacies which not only appeal to the palate, but gives an earthly satisfaction after eating.
Posted on Oct-19-2011

320 Discovering Culinary Delicacies from Best Restaurants in India with Vegetarian South Indian Foods
India is a country of diverse cultures and eating habits. There is a change of taste as there are differences with the clothing, cultures, languages and traditions.
Posted on Oct-19-2011