Preeti Singh's Article in Happiness

977 Way to healthy life
Any materialistic achievements cannot give pleasure to anyone unless a person is mentally and physically healthy. A great saying “Health is wealth” is as true as living. Living a healthy life is important especially in these hectic busy lives of people. The health is even more important than worldly possessions, monetary assets, precious gems, and all the world best things. The healthy minds live in the healthy body.
Posted on Sep-11-2010

1393 Enlightenment – A state of Bliss
Enlightenment – A single word which can give path to Human beings who are searching for true happiness. Every human being has their own thought process and likings. They are bound in their own environment and feel themselves as an individual and thus become busy in fulfilling their own desires. Once they achieve one dream, they start dreaming of something else. The ultimate goal of every desire is to get happiness.
Posted on Sep-11-2010