Preeti Singh's Article in Internet Marketing

392 How To Online Reputation Management: Strategy And Approach
The reputation is something that is hard-earned with years of consistent service and customer orientation. It’s pretty difficult to earn trust and reputation of customers and particularly from online community of users.
Posted on Jun-16-2011

297 Online Business Getting a New Appreciable Look from SEO point of view
The World Wide Web is the biggest platform for any concept or product before allowing the codes of marketing touch the same in order to have a profitable online business.
Posted on Jan-17-2011

382 PPT Promotion & Internet Marketing Will Surely Take You Closer To Your Customers
The World Wide Web scenario is not much different from the real world state of affairs when it comes to the promotion of a product but the ways in which it is endorsed is way different. PPT Promotion is the latest thing to hit the block which has wide ranging benefits. This form of internet marketing makes certain that you get the highest ROI (Return on Investment) with minimal input.
Posted on Jan-11-2011