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293 Bollywood Event, Actress and Other Photos and Reviews Add To Boxoffice Reports
With the life zooming full speed on the fast lane, the memory of the public has shortened a lot. With so many movies being churned out every day, it is also an obvious feature to get forgetful. But like the fresh gusts of wind, sometimes some movies do remain in the memory for generations to come. Some of such movies were made in the eras of 70s and 80s. But then, there were a few numbers of movies.
Posted on Oct-07-2011

270 Movie Photo Gallery and Reviews Helps Showcase the Best Leitmotif of Indian Cinema
In a country where cricket and movie rules more than anything else, the need to have the news and views on the movies is a must. This is a very important fact that is known by everyone. Ask a child, the star cast of a latest movie and he would rattle out the names as if he has mugged them all.
Posted on Oct-05-2011

329 Debates about Remakes and Sequels Rages As South Movie News Filters Through Ages
The one imminent answer to the very pertinent question, of what is liked by moviegoers, is always eluding the filmmakers. Since a period of 3 or 4 decades, since south movies started their journey, movies have been made for the public. Some of them hit the target while some missed out badly.
Posted on Oct-05-2011

319 Celebrity South Actress Photo during Reviews Helps Forge New Fashion Statements
The south Indian industry, be it Kollywood, or Tollywood or even the Mollywood, has gained prominence in recent years. Kollywood or the Kannada film industry has seen a spate of movies, which are made in a big scale and extravagant manner.
Posted on Oct-05-2011