Preeti Singh's Article in Recipes

280 Conventional Fish Recipes with Those from Chinese and Thai Recipes Are Famed In Indian Restaurants
People go out for having dinner or lunch in the restaurants to have a taste of the delicacies that these eating joints have to offer.
Posted on Oct-20-2011

286 Non Veg Recipes of Chicken and Mutton Are Famous Due To Easy Cuisine Variations
If Indian recipes have a variety of delicacies belonging to different regions, then one thing that appears common in most of them are the non veg recipes.
Posted on Oct-20-2011

318 Indian food recipes as an invariable part of Indian culture, celebration and dining out
People in India have a close association with the Indian recipes. Every occasion, festival, celebration, anniversary, etc is having food items as important aspects of the occasion.
Posted on Oct-19-2011