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564 W Jackson Blvd,
United States of America, Illinois, Chicago,
60661, 773 517 1916
Owned by Mike Blaze, BLAZE Fitness provides complete fitness, nutrition, and wellness solutions and is dedicated to helping working professionals look, feel, and BE their best! Mike is a highly passionate fitness professional who enjoys helping people get positive results. Having over 15 years of strength training experience with great fitness knowledge while maintaining a healthy body, Mike enjoys helping people live healthier, happier lifestyles by improving their mind, body, and spirit. Helping people be more active and obtain great results is always his main priority which is why he created BLAZE Fitness. In addition to over 15 years of strength training experience and his current personal training experience, Mike is also a dedicated endurance athlete and actively competes in multiple events each year; he has completed several marathons, triathlons, and ultramarathon events in the past 10 years and usually finishes at the front of the pack. As an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Mike’s training style includes having the philosophy of taking the “routine” out of training and keeping things exciting through constantly varying workouts.
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