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Are Invisible Braces Treatments Effective?
Misaligned and crooked teeth not only look unsightly but also make cleaning the teeth difficult. Teeth that are not properly cleaned can contract a periodontal disease. read more...
By Dr Leon Anaf | Mar-15-2019

The Truth About the Dental Implants Cost in Melbourne
In dentistry, dental implants are considered to be as the superior choice for replacing a missing tooth. Patients who had dental implants in Melbourne are happier with the results. read more...
By Dr Paulo Pinho CEO | Mar-14-2019

Common Gynecologic Problems and Treatment in Women
Most of the menstrual bleeding issues happen due to imbalance in the hormones within your body. Read this article to know the common gynecologic problems and their treatment procedures. read more...
By Joon Song | Mar-13-2019

Tips for Invisible Braces Treatment!
According to recent statistics, the number of patients wearing invisible braces has risen by 177%! read more...
By Dr. Nazila Nosratieh | Mar-13-2019

Why Your Dentist may recommend Bone Grafting before Dental Implants?
Dental implants are the most permanent teeth replacement options as they fuse with the bone and also become a permanent part of the mouth structure. read more...
By Paul Pinho | Mar-13-2019

1028 How To Survive Menopause Naturally
One thought that will be haunting today’s young women is that they will have to pass through the menopause period. The common menopause symptoms are night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, itching and burning. These menopause symptoms will make the young women feel like they are in hell. read more...
By Valerie Balandra NP | Feb-11-2009

2092 Heel Pain, Heel Spurs & Plantar Fasciitis explained
Heel pain is a very common complaint affecting millions of people. This article looks at the causes of heel pain, the symptoms, as well as the most efffective treatment methods available nowadays. It also explains the commonly used term ‘Heel Spurs’ and the chronic condition associated with heel pain and heel spurs: Plantar Fasciitis. read more...
By Peter Van Dyke | Feb-10-2009