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4 Common Flower Myths that are Simply Not True

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Flowers are a popular choice for gifts and decorations for many occasions.
Flowers are a popular choice for gifts and decorations for many occasions. There is a wide range of flowers that are uniquely attractive, however some people prefer not to buy them due to myths being popularized about them. Here are some of the common misconceptions and facts about flowers explained by a leading service offering flower delivery in Tampa for you:

Myth 1: Flowers are a Complete No-No for those with Allergies

Fact: Pollens are considered the worst enemies for those with seasonal allergies, but that doesn’t mean you should never buy flowers. One of the common reasons for constant sneezing and itchy eyes is the pollen from a tree, weed, or grass. These kinds of pollen are light and they stay airborne for long.

On the other hand, the heavy pollens from flowers fall to the ground. Those who are still worried about allergies could opt for the safer options such as hydrangeas, gerbera, and carnations.

Myth 2: Sugar will Keep Your Flowers Fresh for Long

Fact: Everyone wants to keep the flowers they buy or receive via flower delivery in Tampa for as long as possible. The only sensible way to keep your flowers fresh for long is to use the flower food sent with the flowers. Mix the solution as directed. Cut off the bottom half inch of the stems and immediately place them in the solution. Several people suggest adding sugar for keeping the flowers fresh. While sugar supplies the necessary nutrients, it also promotes bacterial growth.

Myth 3: All Flowers are Bad for Pets

Fact: There’s a common misbelief that all flowers are bad for pets. It is true that some flowers might do harm to your pets, but definitely not all of them. Some pet-friendly flowers include roses, gerbera, and orchids. Remember to keep your pets away from azaleas, tulips, begonias, lilies and amaryllis.

Myth 4: Seasons are Not Relevant

Fact: Just because you want a specific type of flower for a special occasion such as a wedding, that does not mean you could expect it to be available any day. This is especially true when it comes to wedding flowers. Some flowers are available throughout the year, whereas others are available only in certain seasons. This is why it is always suggested to ask the leading flower shops in Tampa about the availability of a flower that you might like to include in decorations or gifts.

Now that you are aware of some of the popular myths about flowers, get in touch with a proficient florist offering same day flower delivery in Tampa for advice. Before purchasing flowers for any purpose, seeking the assistance of an expert florist will help you out in a good way.

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