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5 Reasons Nitrile Gloves are in Demand Everywhere

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Among the many disposable gloves available in the market today, nitrile gloves seem to offer relatively better performance across a variety of applications in different industries.
Among the many disposable gloves available in the market today, nitrile gloves seem to offer relatively better performance across a variety of applications in different industries. This is also the reason why disposable nitrile gloves are in demand almost everywhere. If you’d like to learn how nitrile gloves are better than its latex or vinyl counterparts, take a look at these reasons below:

Better Protection & Improved Chemical Resistance:

One of the big benefits of nitrile gloves worth mentioning is its ability to remain highly resistant to chemicals, acids, and oils, even better than natural rubber. In fact, they are more puncture resistant than latex, and more chemical resistant than vinyl and latex gloves.

These properties alone make heavy-duty nitrile gloves worthy for those handling chemicals. Several industries such as plumbing, automotive, janitorial, and manufacturing ideally use nitrile gloves for the level of protection it offers. This also means that nitrile gloves are highly versatile.

They Provide a Comfortable Fit:

Nitrile gloves provide a snug and comfortable fit as it easily adapts to the shape of your hand. So, even when your hand gets warm after prolonged use, you won't feel any sort of discomfort.

Premium quality nitrile medical gloves are highly durable, so they will last longer as well. Compared to vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves are more elastic, which is why they are better suited for automotive, janitorial, manufacturing, and chemical industry applications.

They are Latex Free:

One of the biggest concerns of people using disposable gloves is latex allergy. As nitrile examination gloves are latex free, medical professionals prefer them to other kinds of gloves. In fact, nitrile gloves – as mentioned earlier - provide great protection against contaminants and pathogens, while also possessing great durability and strength. So, for those working in the medical industry as well as retirement homes and childcare facilities, nitrile gloves are the best option.

They are Puncture Resistant:

Besides medical professionals, nitrile gloves are recommended for tattoo artists, workers in laboratory, salons, and spas, as they are highly puncture resistant than latex gloves by three to five times.

Wearing Nitrile Gloves is Easy:

Donning nitrile gloves is easy as they are less resistant to friction. So, for those who want to constantly change gloves during work such as food processing, nitrile gloves will give them the convenience they want. Certain finishing touches that are applied during the manufacture of nitrile gloves helps users to take it off and put it on effortlessly.

The high durability and versatility of disposable nitrile gloves makes it highly useful for a multitude of industries or applications. It is obvious that several businesses prefer to buy nitrile gloves, seeing how they deliver a better user experience than vinyl or latex gloves.

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