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5 Tips on How to Write Effective Website Content

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Online Marketing Pundits yell at the top of their lungs that, “Content is King”. I don’t agree. I believe (just my personal thoughts), “Content is Queen”. Why?
Online Marketing Pundits yell at the top of their lungs that, “Content is King”. I don’t agree. I believe (just my personal thoughts), “Content is Queen”. Why? Because, a queen is always more powerful than a king (a husband can be an unbeatable warrior for the world, but, inside his house (or Mahal), the power lies with the wife (don’t you think so?)) Content is very, very powerful and important for the success of your website… your online business.

Fun things apart, Content Can Make or Break the Reputation of Your Website (Or Your Online Business)! Of course, you won’t be doing Website Content writing yourself (since you’ve so many other things to do, such as planning your business expansion), you would rather hire a Digital Agency for this. But, even then, it’s you who needs to ensure that you’re picking up the right people. Herein, I’m not going to tell you about how to pick one (I would write on this in my next article), instead, I’m going to give you some tips (practical and effective ones) on how one can write effective Website Content and how can you ensure that your selected agency writes some great content for your site.

Tip 1

Do you know your audience (or for that matter, do the writers (the people who will actually be writing) know, whom they’re writing for)?

You call up a Digital Agency and the agency-people say that they’ve got the best of minds in their content department. You become happy. And, give your green signal. Stop. Don’t do this. Tell the agency to arrange some brainstorming sessions so that you (or any of your representatives) can make the agency-people understand who you are (I mean, what business you’re into) and what exactly it is that you want on your website. Hope, I’m going right! Also, take the pain to have a chat with the Writers (people who will actually be writing for your website). Appreciate them for what they’re doing (human-beings tend to be in dire need for compliments and appreciations!) and encourage them to come-up with something great, something unique for your website. Chances are, they will.

Tip 2

Don’t put too much content up on your website

Word-limit should be somewhere around 200 to 300 (though, it can vary from one business to another and several other factors). Put crisp and action-oriented content (that tells your audience to do something (of course, this something should be buying your products and/or services)).

Tip 3

Make your content SEO friendly

Content alone won’t be able to do much, if it is not written with SEO factor in mind. Ensure that your chosen Digital Agency India (actually its writers) are embedding those carefully selected keywords and key-phrases in the content for your website. Also ensure that your entire site is being SEO optimized by the SEO experts.

Tip 4

Please, for God’s shake, don’t let grammatical errors/spell errors creep into your content

Spelling and grammatical errors suck. And, also destroy the soul of your website. So, ensure that your Digital Agency has writers who do writing work with open eyes (and, not when they’re talking to their colleagues, sipping tea, or watching videos on Youtube).

Tip 5

Besides putting some smart (and creative) content on your website, also consider using Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing trims and tones your website so that search-crawlers (like GoogleBot) easily notice your website and put it on the top slots when your target customers search for products and/or services, you deal into.

I’m done now. And, I believe I’m not leaving you fuming over why you spent this much of time on this article. In my next article, I’m going to focus on how you can pick a Digital Agency (without spending too much of your time and efforts) for your website work.

If you want to know more on Website Content Writing or want to hire me, you can reach me at below-mentioned contact details.

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