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6 Necessary Electrical Safety Tips for Summertime

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Summer is a season that many people love, as they get to spend a significant amount of time outdoors (unless it gets overwhelmingly hot).
Summer is a season that many people love, as they get to spend a significant amount of time outdoors (unless it gets overwhelmingly hot). You could play fun games with your friends and family, and indulge in activities such as cookouts, barbeques, and more. Regardless, safety should always be a priority, and to ensure electrical safety in your house during summertime, follow these tips from an expert Toowoomba electrician that you should follow:

Keep Away Electronic Devices from Water:

Pool parties are pretty common, especially during the summer months. If you are spending time by the pool with your family and friends, you would probably think about placing your speakers or music player close to you. Always remember that electronic devices should be placed at least ten feet away from any water source. This will keep everyone safe and help prevent accidents.

Examine Extension Cords for Any Damage:

To use your electronic devices outdoors, you might want an extension cord. Make sure to carefully inspect the cord for damage. Damaged extension cords are a safety risk and should not be used outdoors, as exposed wires are barely noticeable and dangerous.

Outdoor-Rated Extension Cords are Recommended:

If you want to use extension cords, ensure that they are rated for outdoor use. Since there are different kinds of extension cords, get the help of a Toowoomba electrician before you decide to purchase one. Extension cords that are meant for outdoor usage will stay protected from moisture, and will also have the ability to handle small amounts of water exposure.

Trim the Branches of Trees:

If you find that the trees around your house or property are growing close to power lines, contact a professional tree service to trim the branches. This would prevent power line damage caused by the trees during thunderstorms or winds.

Do not Fly Kites or Drones Near Power Lines:

Always tell your kids to not fly the kites or drones in areas that has power lines. Doing so would be extremely dangerous. Kites and drones are supposed to be used in open spaces that has no obstructions.

Purchase and Install GFCIs:

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is a safety device that would cut off the power when the electric circuit is compromised due to water exposure or other reasons. Installing GFCIs close to the water sources with the help of an electrician in Toowoomba will ensure that your appliances will be safe from damage.

These are some of the important electrical safety tips to follow. Get in touch with a qualified electrical contractor in Toowoomba who will inspect your house and ensure the safety of your family and your property.

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