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Adjusting A Riflescope

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The article offers a few basic instructions regarding how to properly adjust a riflescope.
If you want to obtain more consistent and accurate results on the hunting field, you will need to know how to properly adjust a riflescope. Performing the necessary adjustments depends upon the riflescope that you want to use.

First of all, you will need to learn how to properly boresight a gun in order to mount it correctly. The process of boresighting implicates using both the barrel of the rifle and the scope to focus on a nearby fixed object. You will have to alternate your viewpoint between the two lines of sight in order to adjust the scope so that the viewpoint will be the same. Make sure that your gun does not move at all during this process because if it does, the alignment will be wrong.

If you can, you should fire a few practice rounds in order to see how closely the boresighting process aligned the riflescope. We recommend that you attempt to shoot in a tightly focused pattern as it will immediately tell you how accurate your sights are.

With the help of the alignment wheels on the scope, you should make more fine-tuned adjustments. On most of the scopes available on the market, one knob controls the horizontal alignment of the riflescope while the other adjusts the scope on the vertical plane. Depending upon the model of the riflescope you have, each click of the knob will result in an adjustment that is either ½ or ¼ of an inch.

We advise to become more acquainted with operating the scope’s focus knob so that you will be capable of making the necessary adjustments faster and in a fluid manner when you are out there in the hunting field. Despite the fact that the vast majority of the modern scopes have an automatic or speed focus feature, you still need to familiarize yourself with how fast they work so you will be capable to time your shots in a more efficient matter.

For providing greater accuracy to your shots, you should know how to use the scope’s crosshairs. Many of today’s riflescopes use crosshairs that can help the hunter estimate bulled drop as well as wind direction. Some of these riflescopes even offer illuminated bullseyes or laser guide, increasing your accuracy even further.

You should buy a screwdriver set that will accommodate the various types of screws that are found on most of the riflescopes and scope mounts. Needless to say, by using the wrong size of screwdriver you will damage the head of the screws, or even strip the screw and render it useless. Be very careful when you boresight or mount a riflescope and make sure that the rifle is not loaded. Even if you are 100% certain that the gun is unloaded, point the rifle in a safe direction.

There are only a few parallax adjustable riflescopes that are set correctly only by dialing the yardage settings printed on the scope. We recommend that you re-label the parallax yardage markings so that it can be positioned according to the actual yardage markings.

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