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All You Need To Know About Flowers for Various Occasions

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Flowers make every occasion special.
Flowers make every occasion special. With so many choices of flowers, you may feel it difficult to choose the right flower for the right occasion. Many types of flowers can be used interchangeably on numerous occasions. Here are a few flowers most suited to special occasions.

List of some flowers and what they symbolize

-Yellow rose - friendship

-Jasmine - grace and elegance

-Geranium - comfort

-Gardenia - joy

-Forget-me-not - remember me forever

-Red chrysanthemum - sharing

-White carnation - remembrance

-Pink carnation – gratitude

Flowers for an Anniversary

For a wedding anniversary, the flower could be different depending on the anniversary. The iris is perfect for a 25-year anniversary. Anything around the five-year mark could be a daisy, while the ten-year anniversary might call for a daffodil. Once you’ve identified the type of flower you’d like, have it delivered personally to your loved one via flower delivery in Berkeley.

Flowers for a Wedding

The flowers for a wedding are entirely up to the bride and can be practically anything they want. Lilies, roses, orchids, gerbera, tulips and ranunculus are favorites. For bridesmaids, consider choosing the same flower as the bride, but in a smaller bouquet or different color. The boutonniere worn by the groom should match the flower of the bride. You can seek the help of the best florist in Berkeley CA to choose the right flower for the occasion.

Flowers for a Funeral

You want to choose a flower that signifies love and respect. When paying tribute to a recently deceased member of the family or loved one, larger arrangements of flowers are quite common. The best flowers for this are lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums. You may also want to select lighter colors that radiate peace and calmness.

Flowers for a Valentine’s Day

As for Valentine’s Day, if you’re currently in an early relationship, beautiful lavender roses are perfect, as they signify enchantment. If you’re married, a bouquet of red tulips marks the occasion wonderfully.

Flowers for a Birthday

When giving flowers to a friend in celebration of their birthday, you could select a flower that signifies friendship and happiness. Any type of yellow flower is perfect for such an occasion, particularly lilies, tulips, and gerbera. For a significant other, consider roses, lysianthus or a bright, bold bouquet of seasonal flowers. The Berkeley florist can help you pick the right ones.

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