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Austin's Entrepreneurial Climate

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Austin, for many years now, has been one of the perfect places to start a business or a career, and yes, a family.
Austin, for many years now, has been one of the perfect places to start a business or a career, and yes, a family.

The Austin business advantage

It may be the large expanse of land or the not so chilly winter, but definitely there is something about Austin that makes it a favorite place for companies to expand their business. Take the case of AMD, the makers of computer micro chips like Athlon and a major competitor of Intel. Its Austin-based headquarters boasts of a workforce that is 4,000+ employees more than its Sunnyvale, California counterpart. AMD has chosen Austin to house its growing number of employees instead of branching out offices to other cities or states.

Forbes and other national business media has recognized Austin's booming business climate. Forbes ranked Austin 3rd among the "Best Place(s) to do Business" and ranked it number 4 on Business 2.0's "Boomtown". This means that to new movers, finding a lucrative career in Austin, Texas is not impossible. In fact, it is among the best cities to find better jobs that pay well.

Great place for entrepreneurs

Business moguls believe that the best town or city to start a business in is a town or city that has high employment rate and the cost of living is low. Why is this so? The rationale behind this is quite simple: When there is a job for everyone and the daily living expenses is low, people still have money left to spend on many other things.

In the United States, Austin is in the top three cities with high income rate per year. As compared to other busy US cities like New York or Los Angeles, it is much cheaper to live in Austin. Thus, with this kind of economic situation, it is quite easy to grow a new business in Austin, whatever kind of business that may be.

Should you start your own business?

Not all persons are made for business. However, if a person thinks that he has the right skills, talents and the luck, he may start his own business and work hard to become the next entrepreneurial success in Austin after Dell. For some people who don't know of this fact, in 1983, Dell has started its business in Austin, Texas until it grows to what it is now: a company with a fiscal year sales of over $3.5 billion.

One's business may not be technology related, although most businesses in Austin are geared towards technology. What is important here is that a person has the product or services that have the makings of the next Dell. If the product or services could create a demand, it would not be hard for a start up business to thrive and grow in Austin.

Moving? Why not?

Moving to another place is a difficult decision to make. What awaits me in my new town? Would I have a great career there? With these questions in mind, a prospective home buyer shies away from home offers that would require the family to move to another State. However to some, these questions were answered and satisfactorily at that when they finally moved to Austin.

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