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Ayurvedic Treatment - World's Oldest Medical System

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Ayurvedic Treatment is one of the world's old treatment processes which use herbs and ingredients from nature to cure illness.
Ayurvedic Treatment is one of the world's old treatment processes which use herbs and ingredients from nature to cure illness. From ancient time man has reaped the benefits of this unique treatment process from India and it still continues to be a popular treatment system curing ailments of all sorts. Ayurvedic Treatment is India’s traditional healing system; it has been practiced for over 5000 years. Ayurveda Hospitals and Ayurvedic resorts provide ayurvedic treatment in India, these centers are popular tourist destinations, people make a beeline to these treatment centers hearing the health benefits of ayurvedic treatment. Apart from treatment, they also come here to get rejuvenation and relaxation therapies.

Ayurvedic Method of Treatment

Ayurvedic medicines are highly beneficial for metabolic, stress-related, beauty treatments, rejuvenations and relieve effects from chemotherapy. It acts on the body’s life energy known as doshas and the treatment aims at balancing the doshas. To balance different type of doshas ayurveda uses different type of procedures like massage, pouring herbal liquid and oil into the body, smearing the body with herbal leaves and powders and taking ayurvedic rasayanas and herbal preparations internally. An exact treatment process is decided only after the consultation of the patient with an ayurveda specialist. After the diagnosis, the doctor decides the span of treatment and the method of treatment and medicines. In general, a couple of weeks are necessary for getting a full course of treatment, but in some cases it may go further depending upon the seriousness of the illness.

Best Place for Ayurveda Treatment

The state of Kerala is the popular destination of ayurveda in India. Kerala has good ayurveda doctors as well as families who have vast and authoritative knowledge of this system and who were practicing ayurveda for many generations. Apart from that Kerala is blessed with a good climatic condition and there is no shortage of medicinal plants and herbs which is essential for the treatment. Ayurvedic Treatments are available at ayurvedic hospitals, wellness centers, ayurvedic resorts and of course at five star hotels where they have a separate wing on Ayurveda.

Best time to undergo Ayurvedic Treatment

The right time to undergo treatment is during the rainy season that is from June to September. During this period the atmosphere is cool, moist and dust free. It is the time when the body pores are open and the oils and medicines are able to penetrate into the body easily.

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