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Buy Hygetropin Offers Box of 200 IU Hygetropin at a Steal Price of $325

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Buy-Hygetropin announced price of $325 for a box of 200IU Hygetropin.
The founder of announced that they come up with pre-Christmas sale offer of their product, recombinant growth hormone Hygetropin at as low as $325 for a box of Hygetropin 200IU.

When asked the general dosage of the growth hormone he said, “The dose depends on the person’s condition so it is not constant. Also we are no doctors to recommend a dosage and we advice our customers to consult a physician for right requirement of Hygetropin. However, following are the dosages of Hygetropin that people generally use:

For anti-Aging it is about 2IU-4IUa day
For fat loss program it is 4IU-8IU a day
For building muscle mass it is about 8IU-24IU every day.”

The founder further said, “Most people follow one of the following regimens as in Hygetropin injections every day; Injections everyday but with a break for 2 days every 6th day (otherwise known as 5 days on and 2 days off); Injections every other day but with a double dose of the Hygetropin. When a customer orders for a box of Hygetropin 200 IU they get a box with 25 vials and each vial holding 8IU of hGH but in powder form. The users will then have to mix the powder with sterile water (or bacteriostatic water) and can be injected with a sterile syringe. The reconstitution process is pretty simple and takes no more than a couple of minutes.”

When asked to tell the details of the offer he said, “As a pre-Christmas offer we are giving away a box of 200 IU of Hygetropin for $325 for those customers who order 3 boxes or more at a time. Even so, our brand of Hygetropin comes at a steal price of $450 for a box of 200 IU.”

How could you sell Hygetropin at such cheap price, when asked this question the founder of the said, “In actuality Hygetropin is not expensive to manufacture, especially when recombinant technology procedure is used in the manufacture. Although Hygetropin is a new brand our company was founded in 2004 and it’s our motive to make the growth hormone affordable for everyone. If other drug companies are charging so much more than what we are it is just that they are cheating people and making fortune for the making of the growth hormone doesn’t cost so much. Furthermore since we are based in China we get the labor at cheaper costs so thankfully we could offer Hygetropin at lower prices than our competition and we could even come up with the festival offer so that it becomes otherwise affordable even to the middle class customers.”

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