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Children Are Flowers and the Older Are Fruits

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There is a young man. When he sees the old people, he will appear disgusted. He hates the elderly for they are old, slow and ugly.
There is a young man. When he sees the old people, he will appear disgusted. He hates the elderly for they are old, slow and ugly.

One day, the young people holding a pot of bright chrysanthemums into the house, put on the balcony. Then he said to his father who is reading: “Dad, we young people like this, like flowers in full bloom, we are filled with the vitality of life. While you old people like autumn leaves, withering, litter by the wind.”

At this time, father picked up a walnut care in the palm on the table, said to his son: “You are right, but I think if young man like flowers, the older people like dry wrinkled fruit in my hand. Flowers bloom its life in the beautiful petals, while the fruits gather the life within armor.”

Son is still not convinced: “If there are no flowers, where they come from the fruits?” “Yes! Fruits were once all flowers, however, not all flowers can become fruits!”

In fact, illness and death is the natural process that everyone cannot escape. Life is still wonderful from beginning to end. The old people like the brightly beautiful pink clouds dyed by the setting sun. If there is no sunset, how can we see the sunrise?

This story also reflects a phenomenon that parents are hard to raise the children. However, how many children treat their parents like parents treat them in the world? Think about when you were born, who feed you, who coax you to sleep, who wash clothes for you and accompany you until you grow up? As children, we cannot forget these.

But there are still so many unhappy old people. Every time, I see the old people begging on the streets, I will give them some money. And I would think: do those poor old people have no children? Why the children can tolerate their parents begging outside? Maybe they have no children; I would comfort myself every time.

Here, I want to urge you, please care for the old people around you! They gave us life, and use most of their lives to create a comfortable living environment for us. We should appreciate them, treat them well and love them more.

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