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Common Jewelry Repairs and Solutions

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Jewelry, whether it’s diamond jewelry or something else, can last a lifetime if properly cared for.
Jewelry, whether it’s diamond jewelry or something else, can last a lifetime if properly cared for. But inevitably, no matter how carefully you treat your precious jewelry, it will encounter some damage at some point in its life, requiring the services of local Albuquerque jewelers who can restore your prized possessions back to their original glory. Below are the most common jewelry repair Albuquerque and how to go about fixing them yourself.

The Diamond Ring is Scratched

It’s horrible when your diamond ring has a scratch or three on it. It makes you feel like you need to wear gloves whenever you’re doing any kind of workaround your house or in other physical activity that might expose your ring to rough surfaces. But fear not! There are a variety of diamond polishing products out there that can effectively restore your cut gemstones to their former glory!

The Chain Links are Loose

The most common problem with chain jewelry is that its links become loose over time. If your pendant necklace or chain bracelet becomes a little more bouncy as you wear it, you may need to tighten its chain. Many jewelers charge $5–$10 per repair!

Broken Engagement Ring

If you find yourself with a broken ring, don’t worry—it happens to everyone. You may have accidentally hit your jewelry or put it through some rigorous activity (like hitting golf balls or playing basketball), or perhaps you dropped it on hard tile. Take your ring to the local jewelry shop and you can get it fixed in no time.

Missing Gemstone

One of the most common complaints we hear is that a gemstone in their jewelry has fallen out. The first thing to do is determine if it fell out in your home or outside. If you think it was inside your home, then odds are good that you can simply look around and find it. However, if you believe your gemstone fell out while you were wearing your jewelry, take it to the jeweler. A jeweler can replace the stone.

Ring Resizing

You’re buying a present for your spouse, but you want to make sure it fits perfectly. Or you recently bought a piece of jewelry—now what? It’s possible that your ring or bracelet is either too big or too small for its intended wearer. Lucky for you, these problems are pretty easy to fix. An experienced jeweler can help resize your jewelry.

Never try to handle jewelry repair Albuquerque on your own. Take your jewelry to the nearby jewelry shop and get it fixed.

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