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Creating or rearranging a garden may call for expert landscaping

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Your home's landscaping and lawn are a big investment that adds value and curb appeal to your property. Protect your investment with routine landscaping and lawn care maintenance.
What does one look for when approaching the design of a garden or a park? Like all projects one has to first assess what one has to start with before one can really plan but there are a lot of pointers that should be taken into account.

Firstly the terrain has to be considered. Is the area flat or hilly? Anything is possible given time and sufficient budget but if one is on a very steep hillside it is very difficult to build a bowling green. Similarly if one is in the center of the desert it is hard to construct a river valley with a waterfall. The normal wisdom would be to largely work within the features that one has as moving a lot of earth in cut and fill operations or in the building of a mountain where there isn't one is hugely expensive.

Secondly one must consider drainage. If the area to be considered is overlooked by other, higher bits of land does the rain water from them flow across this property, must drainage be allowed for, what about turbidity? Must settling ponds be built? Is it on a flood plain? What about the properties downhill from the one being considered? What drainage must be afforded them? Is there a river nearby and could I be contravening the Clean Water Act if the drainage is sufficiently settled?

Thirdly one must consider the climate. If the area has a high rainfall and the vegetation is abundant then different plans could be made to that which must be planned for a dry location where water is a scarce resource.

Then of course there is the soil. Is the ground rocky and hard or is ir muddy or a clay pit or is it well drained. All of these are significant; Clay is particularly difficult and water makes id soft and sticky and it takes ages to dry out whereas well drained soil can be easily gardened. Rocky soil is a challenge but with time and sufficient budget all these can be overcome.

Operating in the Southwest Chicago are Naperville landscaping and Wheaton landscaping have been designing and building gardens for 30 years. They have extensive experience in all aspects of gardens and landscaping requirements.

Whatever it is in the way of gardening services that is required they are on hand to discuss requirements.

A favorite is landscape renewal. After many years many gardens start falling into disrepair, If neglected pathways become overgrown, the paving stones start sinking and the wooden features rot away. Landscape renewal will come in and assess the needs of a piece of ground and give a fair quote plus a vision of what the area will look like once renewed.

Maybe it is the building of new features or the improvement of the properties drainage that is required. Whether it be that or an entirely new landscaping project in Naperville or Wheaton and surrounding areas their representative is available to come and discuss your requirements and vision, assess the needs and give a full quotation for the work to be undertaken.

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