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Details Determine the Life

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Details Determine the Life
There were three young men who went to a company for an interview. The post is a purchasing executive. After some rounds of interviews, the three men stood out. But the examiners could not decide to choose which of them, because they have different expertise and experience. Then general manager of the company interviewed them. He proposed such a question: suppose the company sends you to purchase 4999 envelopes, how much money you need to bring from the company?

A few minutes later, the three candidates all submitted their answer sheet. The answer of the first candidate is 430 yuan. The general Manager asked: “How do you calculate?” “4999 is very close to 5000, so I calculate the cost of 5000 envelopes, which might be 400 yuan. Other related charges should be 30 yuan.” The man answered fluently. But the general manager failed to utter. The second candidate's answer was 415 yuan. He explained: “Suppose the envelopes are 5000, so the cost may be 400 yuan. The other cost may be 15 yuan.” The general manager also didn’t say anything about this answer.

But when he saw the answer of the third candidate was 416.42 yuan, he was a little surprised. He immediately asked: “Can you explain the answer?” The third candidate said: “Of course. An envelope is 8 cents, so 4999 envelopes are 399.92 yuan. From the company to the department store, taking a bus back and forth is 10 yuan. The lunch will be 5 yuan. There is 1.5 km from the company to the bus station, so it needs to take a tricycle to move the envelopes and the cost will be 4.5 yuan. Therefore, the final total cost is 416.42 yuan.” There is no doubt that the third candidate got the job.

This story cannot help but remind us of the fact that King Richard III of England abdicated: losing a nail, they lost a horseshoe; losing a horseshoe, they lost a horse; losing a horse, they lost a war; losing a war, they lost a country. This is also a detail. Someone succeeded in life; someone lost his life and even country.

Regardless of trivial matters while doing great things, is of course an attitude of doing things. But this attitude precisely implies many risks. Many historical facts have proven that: either for work or for study, or for life, they all need a careful attitude to achieve success.

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