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Do You Make These Custom Dissertation Writing Errors?

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Dissertation writing is not a very difficult job but due to some common and stupid mistakes, students are not able to make up to the brass ring. These mistakes include grammar errors, spelling, research and other formatting problems.

You can also complete your grueling dissertation in minimum amount of time possible!

Now how would you do that?

In spite of the fact that you are good writer, you have read Shakespeare, Words Worth etc. still your custom dissertation is cold bloodily rejected by your professor again and again. Here, the matter of the fact is, it is not the English which is important to get your A+ dissertation done, no. There are other mistakes that are generally committed by the students that destroy their hard work in a matter of seconds.

Do you want to know the mistakes?

Here they are:

Internet the biggest beast:

Yes internet is the biggest beast here because, there is no guarantee for the information you will find on it. Anybody can launch a website with whatever information they want and that cause referencing errors.
For example; you have got a quote from a website which was taken from a renowned author’s book or sometimes the information is even copied from other sites.

APA,MLA Chicago, Harvard?

Apart from the wrong information, students usually take out from the internet; their dissertation is subjected to the referencing errors as well. There are so many referencing styles which are often misunderstood by the students. Resultantly, their dissertation is rejected again and again. APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard are some of the referencing methods that are being used throughout the world.

Having no know-how of current debates:

Current debates, analysis and research works are significant tools to study the more accurate analysis. Usually students are unaware of this fact and build their foundation on old subjects and research. Though, this is also important from a research point of view but to reach out the concrete results, one must focus more on the current analysis.
Remember, old analysis is the part of literature review.

Being a literature review slave:

Are you treating your literature review as a resource or a paper full studded with non sense information.

The biggest error in writing dissertations is being the slave of literature review. That means you are trying to grip the 1000 pages search results into one small literature review. Never do that and be very selective in picking out only the important researches.

Over diversification of research work:

Students usually want to impress their professors. For this, they go for a higher level and diversified research material that is then not easy to bring into the process of analysis. Here, they forget many important points, get confused and this lead to the rejection of their dissertation once again.

Hence, mistakes are never ending in custom dissertation writing but the general one that I found common is told above with details. If you will avoid them then surely you will get the best results for your thesis.

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