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Don’t Believe these Myths About Strength Training

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The world of fitness is so full of misconceptions that lead people to make the wrong decisions; some of which even taking a toll on their health.
The world of fitness is so full of misconceptions that lead people to make the wrong decisions; some of which even taking a toll on their health. So it's no surprise that there's been so many rumours or myths about strength training swirling around for quite some time. The expert Castle Hill gym trainers have debunked the following 5 myths about strength training listed below:

Myth 1: Strength Training Will Not Burn Fat

That’s not true. You wouldn’t get the expected results if strength training doesn’t burn fat. Even when you don’t workout, a pound of muscle will burn calories every day. Strength training increases your muscle mass, while also retaining your existing muscles mass. This increase in muscle mass aids in burning more fat than ever before, thus helping you with weight loss in Castle Hill.

Myth 2: Strength Training is for the Young

This is a common excuse given out by older people to skimp on strength training. Should your body allow it, anyone can go ahead with strength training. Periodic strength training can contribute to a better health with benefits such as improved flexibility and strength, better balance and coordination, reduced risk of medical conditions such as osteoporosis and so on. Even people in their 60s can fulfill great body transformations with strength training.

Myth 3: Strength Training is Harmful for Heart Health

Besides the many health benefits mentioned above, strength training also helps in the reduction of LDL or bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol, in case you didn’t know, is the one that increases the risk of artery blockage and heart diseases. Regular strength training at a Castle Hill gym also regulates your blood pressure and improves blood flow. So contrary to popular belief, strength training is a great lifestyle choice for a healthy heart.

Myth 4: Strength Training Affects Your Joints

Yet another popular misconception that many believe so easily! The truth is that strength training involves controlled movements, which won’t impact your ligaments, muscles, or joints in any way. Be sure to obtain training from a gym instructor, though. Proper technique is vital to get the results you want without causing harm.

Myth 5: Strength Training Bulks Up Women

While strength training increases your body’s muscle mass, it won’t make women ‘bulky’. The testosterone levels in females is a lot less than males, so you are not going to develop muscle mass and a bulky body.

Myth 6: Your Muscle Converts into Fat

This makes no sense at all! No one would want to take up strength training, if all it ever did was converting muscles into fat. Muscle tissue and fat tissue are totally distinct from one another, so no, your muscles won’t convert into fat.

If you are struggling to see the results you want, sign up for a personal training program. Certified instructors will offer you great coaching on strength training in Castle Hill to attain your goals.

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