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Don’t Miss these 6 Hot Logo Design Trends for 2021

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Every business should keep up with the trends to stay relevant and effective in the market.
Every business should keep up with the trends to stay relevant and effective in the market. This cannot be emphasised enough for branding. One of the most important elements of brand identity is the logo. If the logo is not impressive enough and fails to convey the message to the target audience, it loses its effectiveness right away. If you have plans for rebranding, here are the top 6 logo design trends for 2021 listed out by the branding agency experts:

Asymmetric Design:

Several brands have been making carefully designed symmetric logos that are perfectly structured and balanced to impress customers. However, asymmetric designs are slowly getting popular again, simply because of the fact that it looks more natural. This also gives designers the freedom to experiment and add more creativity to the logo.


According to a branding agency, gradient is one of the most widely adopted design elements in the recent times. It has the ability to spice up even the most basic logos by adding more colours. Designers can try different hues or adjust the saturation of a hue, to create a striking visual effect on the logo. This makes the logo look peppy and eye appealing.

Hand Made/Hand Drawn Logos:

Hand drawn logos are opted by several businesses a lot more than the ones made using a software. Even though modern technologies can create logos that mimic the effect of a handmade image, it still won't be perfect. Hand drawn illustrations can represent your brand better. They look more detailed and natural, so much so that it attracts customers’ attention and makes it memorable.

Animated Logos:

We're so used to seeing static logos everywhere. Well, things are slowly changing with the implementation of animation in logos. Animated logos are a great opportunity since it conveys more information to the viewer that a static logo cannot. A customer might view a static logo for not more than 3 seconds and forget it right after. On the other hand, animated logos will have the attention of a viewer for several seconds, thereby making it easy for them to remember.

Distinctive Fonts:

Skilled designers at a branding agency in Sydney are not afraid to try and come up with their own typography. When most businesses relied on minimalistic logos, things started to look very similar to a point where customers couldn’t easily recognise brands. Using unique and unusual fonts seemed to be the solution for companies needing to create a distinctive identity.

Symbolic Logos:

Symbolic logos have been relevant for decades. These logos have special hidden meanings. Popular companies such as Target and BMW use symbolic logos as their brand identities. The use of symbols in design is becoming more prominent this year as well.

These rising trends in logo design give businesses a great chance to represent their brands in a better way. Should you need more assistance in logo design, get in touch with a brand design agency in Sydney today.

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