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Everything you need to know about hedge-cutting

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You need to learn more about cutting headge ,time and equipment ? Discover here all what you need to know about this operation and what equipment you need to have a good cutting quality.
What time of year should I cut hedgerows?

When the hedge grows quickly and their lengths are important, it is important to cut domestic hedges. But it’s not permitted to cut hedge all year round, if you want to keep your trees healthy, there are specific criteria used to choose the best time for cutting hedges.
Hedgerows are important for wildlife and landscape so it’s necessary to know when we must cut hedge to protect our land.

When January and February arrive , general in last winter, and before the spring when birds have begun to nest, gardener around the world prepare their self to clean up their hedges.
It’s the right time to start thinking about garden and green spaces look and maintenance!
It’s not permitted to cut hedges in the spring, because in this period most tree are producing flowers…So annual cutting removes these twigs, there are no flowers, no berries and no nuts.
The landscape value of hedgerows can be maintained by good management and good garden equipment.

What’s the right equipment to cut hedges?

Cutting hedges is a painful operation especially when we don’t own the right equipment.
To do that, you need an effective hedge cutter or a hedge trimmer for cutting hedges.
Whatever for garden or for city maintenance, the hedge cutter is a necessary garden tool that helps you to improve your hedge garden quality and to keep it healthy and clean.
Manufacturer designed varied types of hedge cutter; you find the hedge cutter for garden tractors, for farm tractors and lawn mowers.
Using a tractor hedge cutter can facilitates the operation and gives a good cutting quality.
It is also simple to install and to use this garden tool.
The Professional hedge trimmer is able to reach a 4m height vertically and 2m60 horizontally.

COCHET, the French manufacturer of garden equipment, offers a varied equipment for the garden maintenance . Whatever the operation that you need, through Cochet, you will find many products such as the hedge cutter, the sweeper , the backhoe and more. Choose the model that suits all the gardener needs.

Moreover, Cochet's product are fitting with famous branded tractors, like John Deere, Kubota, etc.

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Cochet is a french farm manufacturer: professional hedge trimmer, backhoes, front loaders, leaf vacuum,...

Cochet designs garden and lawn equipment.

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