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Experience the Sweet Taste of Success

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As a unique combination of utilizing core strengths and motivation in business, Business for Smarties opens new business options and choices for starting a successful business and making it prosper.
Are you ready to take a step into a brand new world? Do you want to be independent and your own master? Do you want to experience the sweet taste of success? Structured in Sun Lakes, Arizona, BusinessForSmarties has been designed as a complete module with one-on-one and group coaching services, BusinessForSmarties Workshops, Next Career Coaching Services, Buying a Business and Phone Coach Services. Founded by Nicholas De Waal, President of De Waal Consultants, Inc. as a separate division to the public at large, BusinessForSmarties shares its success to transform people and organizations with motivation. BusinessForSmarties helps people to achieve their dreams and goals so that they can improve their living and working relationships. Nicholas De Waal blends the essence of teachings from eastern and western schools of thought with modern techniques.

Unfolding facets of creative ideas that incorporate unique programs on how to overcome challenges and identify aspirations, BusinessForSmarties imparts its skills to teams and organizations towards the goal of improvement. Opening out a gamut of services, BusinessForSmarties offers Next Career Coaching that ensures that people make the right decisions with next career coaching. In either buying or starting a business, the company offers experienced business coaches who will teach the fundamentals and advantages of how to prepare a successful strategy, how to access hundreds of businesses for sale how to ensure finances, the myths of easy business financing, how to overcome obstacles and how to formulate a good, strong business plan. The Smarties Workshops benefit Business buyers, business owners, managers, professional sales people and key executives with a spectrum of strategies and powerful one-on-one exercises.


Incorporating an in-depth dimension to the art of acquiring or buying a business as a next career level, BusinessForSmarties unravels the intricacies of Buying a Business. Advising people and organizations to buy safe with an experienced coach, BusinessForSmarties also specialize in Buyer Representation, whether experienced or a first-time buyer. Operating with expertise, the company delves into the tactics of buying a business with planning, utilizing a search method, deploying due diligence and negotiating the transaction. Offering their Phone Coach Services, BusinessForSmarties gives their clients a direct link with professional business coaches who protect and help the business of their clients when problems occur. The Phone Coach Services can be accessed with a subscription and can be relied on as a successful endeavor with the support of professionals.

As a must-read, BusinessForSmarties booklet opens out a world of opportunities if you are looking to change your career. Offering over 25 years of business experience, the booklet divines ways that lead to a prosperous lifestyle if one is thinking of buying a business, starting a business, investing money into your career and if one is forced into making a career change. Business For Smarties identifies with their clients and offers them a unique combination of strength in business and coaching that helps to achieve the sweet taste of success.


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Business for Smarties offers Next Career Coaching, Smarties Workshops, Buying a Business and Phone Coach Services to benefit individuals and organizations. Business for Smarties opens new business options and choices for starting a successful business and making it prosper. Website:

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