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Expert Tips to Calm an Over-excited Puppy

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Is your puppy acting out? When pups become so excited and can’t contain their excitement, it’d be a challenging time for puppy owners.
Is your puppy acting out? When pups become so excited and can’t contain their excitement, it’d be a challenging time for puppy owners. Managing an over-excited puppy is a relatively tough task. For some puppy owners, an over-excited puppy may not seem a big issue to deal with. But, unsolved over-excitement occurrences can lead to behavioural problems in the future. So, it’s wise to consult your dog behaviourist in Vancouver to deal with the issue the earliest.

Tips to Calm Your Puppy

Know When they Get Excited

Jumping, spinning in circles, barking, and mouthing are some of the signs of over-excitement. So, keep an eye on these behaviours and train your puppy to stay calm and to learn their triggers.

Don’t Encourage Them

One of the best ways to calm your puppy is to stop encouraging them. Yes, giving your puppy attention with equally high energy is only serving to hype up your puppy even more. A dog behaviourist would suggest you stay as neutral in energy as possible and don’t feed into this excitement during puppy training in Vancouver. Help them calm down or redirect their energy into something useful and productive.

Give an Outlet

As mentioned earlier, directing your puppy’s energy into something healthy is one of the best ways to manage an over-excited puppy. Give them mentally stimulating puzzle games to help your puppy maintain activeness.

Reward the Calm Behaviour

Reward your pup’s calm behaviour with attention, some calming rubs, or a special chew toy they can enjoy that encourages them to stay calm. One of the best lessons most people learn during puppy training in Vancouver is rewarding them the right way in the moment that the behaviour occurs. This will help them learn faster on what the acceptable behaviour is.

Remain Calm Always

One of the best ways to deal with an over-excited puppy is for yourself to remain always calm. Staying calm is essential in the puppy's development. Always keep a slow and even tone of voice to help your puppy settle down, and do not exhibit how frustrated or happy you might be. This helps the puppy to stay calm irrespective of the situation. It avoids any behavioural issues in the future.

Training your puppy helps manage your puppy’s over-excited states, provide them with the positive stimulus to engage their senses, keep their minds focused on something, and help them expel their energy. Regular training will help you ensure long-term results and prevent them from repeating their old behaviour.

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