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For You to See When You are Happy or Unhappy

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For You to See When You are Happy or Unhappy
If no one believes you, then you can believe yourself; if no one appreciates you, then you can appreciate yourself; if no one blesses you, then you can bless yourself. Self-confidence is the source of success; self-examination is the ladder of growth; self-improvement is the prelude of progress; pride is the prelude of future! Touch the sunshine with your own heart; create your own century with love! When you can spell over yourself, the world can spell over you.

Happiness is relatively. Just as an ordinary bottle of mineral water, when you first drink, you do not feel anything and think it just the same as others. But after you have tasted sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and a variety of flavors, you drink the mineral water and then you will feel this is the happy feeling. Happiness is very simple and you own it from the beginning, but you do not know. When you walk for a very long distance, you turn round and will find that happiness is very simple, just the taste of a bottle of mineral water.

Do not think that there is better people waiting for you in the future, because what you have now is the best; do not give up due to a too long distance, because love can travel with you; do not give up due to the person you love is not wealthy, because being diligent can make you rich; do not give up due to parents’ objection, because you will find this that the love you give up due to this reason will be the regret in your whole life. In fact, as for love, the simpler it is, the happier you are.

Being calm is a kind of state; faith is a kind of spirit

Love can make you mature, and it can also make you degenerate. It allows you to learn to love, and allows you to learn to hate. Love can make you feel the world is so beautiful, and also let you feel the inconstancy of human relationships. It allows you to live vibrantly, and can make you survive with frustration. It can make you feel you’re great, and it can also make you feel very humble. It allows you to become amorous as well as makes your heart broken.

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