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Free Speeches are like Chain Store Clothes

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Free speeches are readily available but are not always suitable for the occasion. Speeches need to have a proper format and to say all that ought to be said at an event. Free speeches are usually speeches that have been used repeatedly and have no wow factor.
It's a well known fact that you have to pay if you want quality. Speeches, whatever, the occasion are a perfect example of this maxim. Free speeches then, are not always the best. They may, of course, say something appropriate for your needs but they are usually very general and very ordinary. They won't help you make a good impression.

That's what good speeches do. They say something that strikes a chord with your audience. They captivate those listening and they leave a memory. More importantly they say exactly what is appropriate to the occasion.

This is more difficult than it seems. A speaker may use a free speech but he will not have the certainty that it has been professionally written with the particular occasion in mind. To write good speeches a writer must ensure that everything that should be said is said. The father of the bride who forgets to welcome the guests will leave them feeling out in the cold. The teacher addressing graduates must speak of hard work and commitment of course but would also need to speak of the parents and tutors who supported them. There are guidelines for every type of speech and free speeches do not always meet all those guidelines.

Naturally good speeches are difficult to write. As in every other craft it takes years of practise to accomplish perfection. A speech must flow and unless you are an expert this is hard to accomplish. Sometimes, of course, the speaker has thoughts he wants to express. A professional can help him or her to put those thoughts into words that work. Naturally you cannot accomplish that with free speeches.

Naturally too different occasions call for different levels of professionalism. If you are merely saying goodbye to a colleague in a pub a free speech might do the trick. If, however, the boss is present and you want to strut your stuff you will need a professional speech. Free speeches are like chain store clothes. They don't have shape or make. When the occasion calls for something special you really need to buy something more classical. In other words your speech should have the right cut to it.

So forget about going on line for those free speeches. Speak from the heart if you must but, better still, leave it to the experts.

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