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For effectively promoting your website, one of the main reasons is link popularity.
How to submit articles?
For effectively promoting your website, one of the main reasons is link popularity. Free article submission sites have become very important to get more links to your site. There are around 1000 free article submission sites, where you can submit a free article and get a link to their site. By submitting free articles, you can improve your site’s popularity and it is a great business and marketing technique. You have to be very careful while submitting your articles to a good article directory as some do not provide you anything in return. You can submit free reprint articles to an article directory that promotes your business. For a single article, you can submit different titles and get it submitted to various article directories. has an automatic submitter where you can submit your articles to more than 75 article sites. The software stores all your personal information, such as username, password, author resource box, etc. It submits your article to all the article submission sites and upon completely submitting to all the article sites, you will even get a report of failed and successful submissions. Your article can be submitted and republished to another article submission site.

Advantages of article submission service
The key features of article submission service are, as given below.

• Your article will be submitted to other article sites.
• A unique e-mail username and password is created and verified by you, before the article submission process is regulated.
• One way links are provided and they are permanent for your website.
• Customer service with 24-hour feedback is one of the advantages.
• Articles are provided to directories with high ranking. Your article will be ranked according to quality.
• Two links to your website will be provided in the author’s resource box.
• A full report detailing the service is also given.
• The article is submitted to 100 article sites per week.
• Before submitting, the articles are sent for customer approval.

Brief outline
By submitting your articles to directories, your site gets much more visitors and readers instantly as directories take lesser time to publish articles. Each time you send in a new article, it should have new content. This helps to improve the quality of the article. Readers are interested in an article that is written well and educational. Another advantage of free article submission is that it leads you to be successful. Keywords are very important in writing articles. Article directories have an easier way of helping you find articles on a diverse range of topics. This is made easier with their search option. There are many sources available from where you can find the article of your choice. In the past, one could find articles to a particular subject only by getting hold of an old newspaper or a magazine. This could be done only, at your local library. Currently, due to the advancing technology and the Internet, one can find articles in an instant; by looking into online as well as offline sources such as Google news, MSN news, Yahoo news, Trove, newspapers, etc.

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