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Grey’s Anatomy ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ Review

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The heart plays a major role in this episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Mrs. O’Malley is the one to listen to her own heart, when she wants to hear a second opinion from SGMW.
The heart plays a major role in this episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Mrs. O’Malley is the one to listen to her own heart, when she wants to hear a second opinion from SGMW. Avery is also governed by heart and its whims, when he decides to break up with Lexie, since she is still not capable of letting go of Mark for good. Henry finally listens to his wife, and also his heart, to return to classes so he can become a full fledge doctor. Derek takes a controversial decision, as well, taking on surgeries that are not done by other specialists because of their high risk factor.

Lexie also follows her heart and lets a patient to finish writing a book before going through surgery.

Cristina and Teddy are involved in a heart transplant. As the heart is harvested from a patient, it does not stop beating. While the heart is on its way to Cristina and Teddy’s patient, it continues to beat. Unfortunately the patient dies, and the heart in the box has to be sent to another hospital, in its attempt of saving a human life. The heart is being watched by Cristina until the transportation comes.

In the same time, Cristina has to write her bucket list of surgeries, which is not an easy task. Webber sees her and her conundrum and he recommends her to use the beating heart to decide which surgeries must make the final list and which should not. Cristina starts listening to the rhythm of the heart and manages to finish her list.

The writer that has to undergo surgery for three aneurysms asks the doctors to allow here to finish her book, as she fears she might die and leave it unfinished. Lexie starts reading the book and becomes engrossed in it, because the action described by the author resembles a lot her lover life. Derek on the other hand wants to get it over with the surgery. When the writer starts bleeding, the surgery cannot be postponed. Luckily, the patient is saved, and, when she wakes up, she confesses to Lexie that more ideas come to her, enough to fill a few other books.

Henry finally decides that he truly wants to become a doctor. However, Teddy seems to be less happy about his idea of getting back to school, and they fight over it. He leaves and, when Teddy comes home, finds him bleeding on the kitchen floor.

George, the one that died a few episodes ago, is mentioned by the main characters, when his mother visits the hospital in need of an operation. They remember him and the tragic loss his death meant to them.

There is also a conversation between George’s mom and Callie. Although her other sons are not there to support her, George’s mother proves to be quite strong, especially since she comes to the hospital in the first place only to find a second opinion. Instead of her sons, she finds Callie at the foot of her bed when she wakes up from surgery. Callie seems shy and unadjusted to such situations, but her speech is clearly spoken from the heart and this is what must be held accountable in the end.

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