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Hayle Medical – Fuelling the growth of medical science

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With an extensive and carefully selected list of titles in the field of Medical Science, Hayle Medical, within a short frame of time, has successfully solidified its position amongst the healthcare publishing industry leaders.
Medical science is advancing at a rapid pace. There is constant research happening in the field. Some diseases have emerged as an epidemic in the past decade; such as cancer, diabetes, obesity etc., this has magnified the significance of medical literature in order to expand the horizons of the field. The advances in scientific techniques have led to some revolutionizing growth in various disciplines of medical science. This research is collaborated and compiled methodically by Hayle Medical, a leading publisher of books in the diverse field of medical science. The aim is to provide the most cutting-edge developments in the field to the fraternity across the globe. Focusing on medical reference books, Hayle Medical also publishes case studies and clinical reference information, practical guides, research reports, practice management and review texts that empower educators, students, researchers and anyone who is a part of the medical fraternity anywhere in the world. Hayle Medical's reference books are published in many formats including print and online POA.
Bringing out the best-selling medical and surgical titles contributed by researchers and experts hailing from some of the most reputed research centers, universities and institutions from around the world, Hayle Medical takes pride in its innovative content integration system & international contacts.
Content acquisition takes a priority seat at Hayle medical. All the data and researches submitted by veterans across the globe are rigorously examined by our editorial team for its relevance and validity, before it goes into printing. We harness a healthy communication between our editorial heads and the contributing authors for the same. The editorial board connects with the authors as and when necessary to compile the researches in the most comprehensible format and give the book a holistic approach and make it suitable for readers across all countries. We feed the constant market demand of latest researches taking place anywhere in the world. Our contributors hail from the top universities of the world and continuously contribute to our rich pool of data. Our editors are some of the most renowned and acclaimed entities of their profession who leave no stone unturned to provide our readers with the best-in-class research and data material.
The books published by Hayle Medical are easily available everywhere in the world and our client list comprises leading universities and research libraries from all continents. For more information on our list of titles or any queries, kindly visit

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Hayle Medical Aggregated online bookstore & leading medical book publishers. Specializing in medical reference books, also publishes point of case clinical reference information, practical guides, research reports, practice management and many more.

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