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Here’s Why Your Kitchen Sink Won’t Drain

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Many of us have experienced it – a clogged kitchen sink and the water won’t drain.
Many of us have experienced it – a clogged kitchen sink and the water won’t drain. You pulled out the drain plug, yet the water remains. It could be so annoying to wash a pile of dishes by hand in a puddle of greasy water that refuses to drain out. So, why won’t your kitchen sink drain? Why is it backing up? Well, it’s obvious that there’s some kind of clog. But, what’s causing it, and what can you do about it? Should you fix it or call a plumber Toronto?

The standing water won’t go on its own unless the source of the clog is found and fixed. If you don’t find the source, it will happen again and again. That’s why it’s essential to know about the common causes of clogged drains so that you can make informed decisions and prevent them from happening.

Reasons for Kitchen Sink Clog

Food Residue

Bits of food can easily make their way into the sink drain and it’s unavoidable when draining cooked items, or discarding leftover chopped vegetables or fruits, or meat from a chopping board. Even if you have a strainer plug in the sink, small bits and food residue can make their way into the drain. When this happens repeatedly, the discarded food bits build up over time, causing a blockage. When the drain is blocked with food debris, it can get clogged and won’t allow water to pass through the drain. This is why water won’t drain.

Dirt and Debris

Dirt and debris can clog any drain, including bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor drains. Cleaning up after working in the kitchen and repotting houseplants can help prevent this from happening. If you don’t clean well, you’ll be left with a sink that refuses to drain.

Hardening Grease and Fats

Cooking oil, fat, meat, and butter fats might seem to drain easily but they solidify quickly, causing a hard blockage in the drain. After a short period, it becomes a hard, white block of solid fat that refuses to clear from the pipe’s surface. It’s not advisable to put fats down the sink. Drain the waste into a cup, let it harden and then dispose of it as waste.

Soap and Chemical Build-Up

Soap and cleaning agents can do wonders and help keep your sink neat and clean. But, over time, soap can build up and can cause drains to block.

Drain repair Toronto shouldn’t be ignored. Rather than renting equipment, making things worse, and breaking the pipes, please call an emergency plumber Toronto to get the job done correctly.

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