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Holiday Toasts- Setting the Tone for the Holiday Break

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Holiday toasts add to the occasion but only if they are short and light-hearted. Their purpose is to send staff on their seasonal break in happy holiday spirits.
Some bosses get their assistants to write their Holiday toasts. Some C.E.O's repeat the same one every year or so it seems to their bored audiences. Yet others struggle to make the toast meaningful and motivational. The speech at the company's annual dinner or party should in fact say, "Happy Holidays" to all the staff.

That means, of course, that a holiday toast should be light-hearted in tone. After all whether people celebrate Christmas or not it is still a season to be merry. So the toast should reflect that fact. On such an occasion, for instance, everyone is dressed up in their party best and in good spirits and the speaker should mention these factors as contributing to the evening's festivities. So when the boss is welcoming his guests he should say how impressed he is with all the glamour and glitz. Sometimes too there may be a guest of honour at the function and obviously he or she would need to be specifically welcomed.

There should be an expression of thanks for work well done. After all everyone likes to be appreciated and it's nice to know somebody noticed the fact that you had worked hard all year. It's an occasion too to be motivational and speak of the future of the company and how the staff will meet the challenges to come. If he likes the boss may mention some of these challenges but without going into great lengths about them. This is not an occasion for a strictly motivational speech.

Every party is different, of course, and the boss may want to say something about how they are celebrating. He may want to encourage everyone to salsa or to take part in the karaoke. If it is appropriate he may also want to thank the social committee for their efforts in making it a night to remember. He may want to poke a little light-hearted fun at some staff members whom he expects to entertain the others with their hidden talents. Above all, though, this speech is about the holidays and what they mean.

Staff members will undoubtedly have different plans for the vacation. Some will have family gatherings, others will go visiting friends. Whether they are climbing Everest or bathing in Bermuda they will, in essence, be getting away from it all and that's how it should be at holiday time. It should be a time of renewal. Good holiday toasts emphasise that fact.

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