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Home Remedies For Cracked Nipples, Effective Natural Treatment

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Cracked nipples are a very common ailment among breastfeeding mothers and can be very painful and uncomfortable when they breastfeed their baby. There are many home remedies for cracked nipples which are simple to follow and easy to use.
Cracked nipples are very common among breastfeeding mothers. It makes it very uncomfortable and painful to breastfeed your child. It can be caused by certain factors such as poor latching, too much use of one breast to feed the baby, wrong breastfeeding position, eczema, inverted nipples, nipple candidiasis, dry skin and incorrect use of breast pumps. Some of the common symptoms of cracked nipples may include bleeding, hot flashes, heaviness in the breast, itchiness and swelling in the nipple, sleepiness, severe mood swings, tenderness and intense pain, severe or frequent headaches, irregular menstrual cycle and discharge from the nipple.

Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for cracked nipples which are very effective and simple to use. Some of the popular home remedies are:

1. One of the simplest home remedies for cracked nipples is to change your bra every day. Wash your used bras properly and wear only clean bra.

2. Applying cool compress on nipples is also one of the efficient home remedies for cracked nipples. It will alleviate symptoms of cracked nipples and reduce the swelling.

3. Anxiety and stress can also cause soreness in breasts and nipples which can further result into cracked nipples. Try to practice some relaxation techniques on daily basis such as meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises. This will help in eliminating stress.

4. Olive oil is also very effective in treating cracked nipples during pregnancy. All you need to do is apply some olive oil on cracked nipples on regular basis. This will give you relief from the discomfort and problem.

5. Consume healthy diet in order to prevent this problem. Consume citrus fruits like lime, orange, strawberries, kale, sprouts, kiwis, guavas and papaya.

6. While breastfeeding make sure that you are holding your baby in comfortable position and switch sides. The areola and entire nipple should be in the mouth of baby while breastfeeding.

7. Use common water to clean your nipples and keep them clean. Exposing your nipples to air for a while is also beneficial.

8. Aloe vera gel is very helpful in treating this problem. All you need to do is rub some aloe vera gel on the nipples to heal the cracks and ease the pain.

9. Poultice made from yarrow leaf can also be used to heal this problem. Other option is to use yarrow infused oil on the affected area to help healing process and to get instant relief from the pain.

10. Ice can also be used to treat this problem. Just take a cube of ice and place it on the affected nipple. This will give you relief from the pain.

11. After each feeding you can try applying calendula ointment or cream on the nipples. But remember to wash it off properly from your nipples before next feeding.

12. During pregnancy if you are suffering from this problem then you can try using a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil.

13. Pregnant women can massage their breasts by shea butter or sweet almond oil.

These were some of the efficient home remedies which are simple, cost-effective and safe to use.

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