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Household utilities the greener way

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We all know that the process of heating and powering our homes with gas and electricity is damaging to the environment, but what can we do to help
We all know that the process of heating and powering our homes with gas and electricity is damaging to the environment, but what can we do to help? Renewable energies are now available meaning that we have a more environmentally friendly option when it comes to choosing our household energy supplies.

Green energy is really just another term for sources of energy that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly. There are several green energy sources available to us now, and at least 4.9 per cent of the energy supplied by gas and electricity companies now has to be provided by at least one of these green energy sources.

1. Already we receive some of our energy via wind and hydroelectric power. Windfarms collect wind energy, while hydroelectric dams collect the energy found in fast moving water. Both then convert this energy into power that can be used in our homes. Biomass power refers to the power that can be harnessed from burning organic materials, and solar power is when the energy found in the rays of the sun is transferred into useful power.

2. Switching to a green energy tariff will not only help to protect the environment, but will encourage energy providers to source even more of their power from sustainable sources. Consumers have real power here, as the more people who sign up, the more the energy suppliers will listen to our greener demands.

3. There is the Green Power Supply option, which means that for every unit of power that you use, the same amount of green power is generated. You can also choose a Green Fund tariff. This means you pay a little extra for your utility bills, but this extra cash is invested by the utility company into renewable energy projects.

4. Green energies are far more preferable to standard fossil fuel burning energies, as green energies have no harmful by-products, producing very little, if any, waste. Their sources are sustainable too, so their source of power will never run out.

5. Changing to a green tariff is no different than changing to any other gas or electricity tariff. There is no need to have any work carried out in your home, it is simply a matter of handling your account in a different way. It is likely that your current energy supplier will already have at least one eco-friendly tariff for its customers, if not have a look for suppliers that do by doing a quick online search.

Those choosing to go green will likely pay a little more for their gas and electricity. If you cannot afford to switch to a green tariff, then take a look at the energy companies and how the mix of energy sources that they currently use. Some will already use more green sources to provide their power, so you could make the switch to a more eco-friendly company instead.

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