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How Can We Keep The Elderly At Home Safe?

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‘Home’ is the place which will keep one feel relaxed and comfortable.
‘Home’ is the place which will keep one feel relaxed and comfortable. As we age, the things or areas we considered as safe one, might become risky and difficult to handle. According to the National Institute on Aging and National Institutes of Health, the Global senior population is expected to exceed 1.5 billion by the year 2050. Moreover the life expectancy of the older generation is expected to increase by eight years, touching the age of 76.2. These studies indicate that the world will be dominated by senior citizens by 2050.

Sadly, most senior people, when they reach this stage, their mental abilities decline, and even living in home becomes hazardous, resulting in unpleasant occurrences. Here are a few tips from the experts in elderly home care Seattle, to make staying safe for the aged at home.

- Fall Proof The Home

Falling is very common among the people aged over 70. These falls will actually lead to injury or make the seniors lose their confidence, which has an effect over the older person’s independence. The best way to deal with this situation is, clear the walkways in the house by de-cluttering the hallway and exits. The electrical cords and rugs can also make them trip, so get some non-slip carpets and tape the loose cords. You can also invest in grab bars and get them installed in the showering area or toilet, so they’ll have some extra support and remain independent. By reducing these risks, you are actually helping your loved one to move comfortably around their house.

- Get a Home Care Expert

The more the disability of the elderly person, greater are their needs. So, it is wise to get an expert in elderly home care Seattle, to take care of them. This way, your loved ones will get the ultimate care they deserve.

- Invest In Some Home Safety Products

Nowadays, there are a lot of home safety products in the market that is aimed towards the safety of senior citizens at home. They are - Security Cameras, Anti-scalding devices, Home security systems and GPS watches. All these products are helpful in keeping the seniors protected at home.

- Get Medical alert systems

The medic alert system is very effective, as it can find the position of the user of the devise and activates automatically when the senior loses his consciousness or becomes unresponsive. These systems are usually examined by the medical technicians, who understand the medical ailments, and are prepared to react immediately to avert the crisis.

- Fire Proof

This should be a priority on your list. Never miss to change the batteries in the smoke alarms. In case, if the elderly person is under dementia or confused state, you can include meal also to the care plan in home care Seattle, to avoid any fire accidents.

- Create a list of Emergency contacts

To ensure safety of the seniors, create a list of emergency contacts and place it near the phone. This list should comprise of family members, medical professionals, and ambulance services.

Though, you secure your home to the maximum, it is wise to have someone besides them to take care of them. So, get an expert in home care jobs in Seattle WA to assist your loved ones.

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